I know last night was a tough pill to swallow But...

But our QB thew for over 300 yards our defence caused pivotal turnovers we started the game with 14-0 lead and didnt lose the lead until the last minute of play. Personally I know your gunna lose some of these close games and all us fans including the coach's are gunna dissect this game and try to figure out where we went wrong. Personally I say start Glenn for Labour Day lets see what he can do with first team reps for 2 weeks because those overthrows underthrows etc may have be a bit more about chemistry then we know. I think you sit James and put Davis back in or you play Ball. And another note if Edmonton were a eastern team we would have really won the series with them with both scores combined we are up by 6 points two very evenly matched teams like Porter said after our first win against Edm we could play these guys 10x and I think the out come would be 5-5 very good Game. And remember this Edmonton team is the only team to beat Montreal and they came back from a 22-0 deficit against the riders. So we played a strong game and I am proud of our guys i predict a 10-8 finish to the season and a 2nd place finish in the east. All we have to do is win the series with the eastern bottom dwellers Winnipeg and Toronto and hopefully take one away from Montreal. We still have to play calgary which will be another good view to where we really stand but remember these Western teams are NO JOKE and were right with them everytime weve played them. I think im gunna rewatch every game we've played this year and try to figure out which 5-10 plays won or lost us the game. Hold your HEads up High wear your tiger-cat gear with Pride guys we lost a close one that coulda went either way and lets get ready for the Argo's (who suck)

Hope there is a player's only meeting in the locker room after that loss and an agreement that they blew this one "as a team" and there will be no finger-pointing from within......

.....it was a brutal loss to suffer when the 2 points were pretty much being handed to them.........learn and move on and vow to never let the opponent up off the mat again in such a sloppy fashion....to even have 48 seconds left on the clock to get a few first downs to get into field goal range was a last chance gift they were offered but they failed to execute.......many players and perhaps coaches contributed equally to the loss.....learn the lesson and move ahead.........but always let that lesson be a reminder.

I agree 100% with you there Deerhunter it is a team game and we lost as a team just like we win as a team.

I'm sure I'm grasping at reasons we lost, but did anybody else notice the hold on E.E's last TD, Or was I just looking for an excuse to negate that T.D.

there are holds on every single play.
Including the hold to spring Cobb on his long run against Esks 3 weeks ago.

Looking for an excuse...keep the zebras out of it...

Edmonton didn't beat us we beat ourselves the biggest obstacle we had last night was the ticats and football fundmentals

Be patient with your team, TiCat fans. Unfortunately, young teams have to lose the close games, before they start winning them. Two wins against the Argos and you’re in the playoffs! Cheer hard for your team, and stay loyal…through thick and thin!!

Thanks darider :slight_smile:
Do us a favour and put Winnipeg in the dirt with back-back wins? Thanks :lol:

2 things cost the Cats this game. Both in the realm of fundamentals. One on offence and one on defence:

  1. HIT AND WRAP!!!!


The Cats do those two things better last night and they win that game 40-31.

Wrap up Whitlock for darn sure, the guy is quick and a bit elusive but man, he ain't that good for pete sakes! Yes, catch the friggin pigskin again for sure!!

thought it was a hold as well, but on the replay it was a clean block.

I have to agree with Deerhunter....learn and move on....

This is a prime reason that I never call into the 5th Quarter...I was fit to be tied after the game...really critical of Glenn's decision making...and feeling ripped off . With a day or so to reflect,,,I want the team to savor this bitter pill and find the lessons in it...this team was never gonna be rebuild by Labour Day and truth be told...I am pleased with the progress....it just has to continue...not stall!!!!

Look at it this way.
Gone are the broad, sweeping condemnations of the team : a GM who " doesnt know what he’s doing", a coach (put ignorant, wrong adjectives here) a "bully"president that is somehow a factor and the good 'ol catch-all “culture of losing” to express negativity.

Now they’re down to less than a handfull of specific mistakes in actual games.

If that aint progress I dont know what is.