I Know It's Only One Pre-Season Game Against The Cats, BUT!!

We'll just have to see about that won't we? Vets beating rookies by 10 points doesn't impress me very much, but it seems to have impressed you. We'll have to wait until the regular season to see how stellar the Bombers are and how much of a god Mike Kelly is. :cowboy:

PS. Your QB's looked strong lying on their back, especially the the one in the endzone for the safety. :thup: PS PS: Bombers got an early lead over a mostly rookie def that was only used to playing the ticats style of offense in camp, once they settled in they were ripping the Bombers to shreds. Now that we have film and experince on our side, that should help us improve and decide who of those rookies who played gets cut. Hamilton was evaluating players, Kelly was out to prove he wasn't a maniac by tossing boatloads of good players, and if he had to go full guns against a rookie D and O then so be it. Seems to have worked, you guys are already getting ready to kneel before him. :cowboy:

I'm not praising the Ticats either. I'm just telling yall not to get so high and mighty, it is only the preseason and it was only 1 game. After all, Hamilton went undefeated in the Preseason 4 years in a row, but that didn't exactly set the tone for the season. Anything can happen in the CFL, that's why I love the game. :cowboy:

I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade here, but the results from last nights game should be taken with a planet sized piece of salt.

Yes, both teams played a lot of rookies, but I think Mike Kelly had a lot more to prove in front of the home crowd than the Tiger-Cats did. He had to make sure his team came out firing early to calm the doubters that were created when Mike Kelly decided to release and trade away half of the team. This is a gate driven league and a team under with a relatively new owner and a new coaching staff still has to sell tickets. There was a lot more on the line for the Bombers than the Tiger-Cats and it showed by the fact that Mike Kelly dressed a higher percentage of starters than most CFL teams do in their first preseason game. Mike Kelly and Stefan LeFors practically admitted they had something to prove after the game in interviews.

[i]"I hope everybody feels a little more relaxed right now," Kelly said afterwards.

"I don't know what they're going to think," LeFors said. "They'll probably find something wrong with what we did, but really what matters is what happens in this room."[/i]

So am I surprised the Bombers jumped out to a big lead in yesterday's game? Not at all. Especially playing against a defense that started rookies and/or backups at all 3 LB spots and at both HB spots, at S and at DE.

As a fan of a team that has went undefeated in the last two pre-seasons, you should remember that it isn't how you start, it's about how you finish.

Just my two cents.

  • paul

ps. I will tell you one thing, it will help LeFors a lot in his development that he has three quality receivers to throw to in Edwards, Bryant, and Armstrong.

People seem to forget that Kelly gutted this team. Only a handful of guys are left from last year, basically every position (except for Lefors) is wide open. When you say the Bombers played more starters, which would those be ? Ticats may have left some of their's at home, but the Bombers basically cut 1/2 of theirs before training camp.

okay to ticat fans please explain where you guys tore us apart I'll break down the Ticats scoring for you since i was sitting at the stadium watching

  1. the huge running touchdown was because of a rookie linebackers missing there assignments
  2. fumbles inside the 35 where u guys scored a TD and a FG
  3. you guys had 1 good drive and only got a FG (6 plays 51 yards)

Ticats leading passer had 55 yards we only had 1 QB under that. Our defence was amazing and we have what jovon johnson, james johnson and i guess Ian logan as veteran secondary the rest barely any cfl experience.

I'm not saying Grey Cup but it looks like at least a promising season i'm thinking at least and quite easily bombers should be a .500 team

BTW Quinton Porter thought he was a great QB last year doesn't look like anything special without Rodriguez

....we appreciate your 2 cents....HOWEVER....i think the main reason we started so many regs. ( and that is normal thing to do when 'all' positions are open ) is to compare what you have to new players seeking work...We didn't have to fly 70 people to an oppositions stadium to have a look...everyone was here...so why not do a deep comparison of your talent ....rook vs. vet.
The Cats left a lot of people at home (mostly vets.) so they had to go with 'newbies' a lot of the way....Their way of conducting pre-season....different from the Bombers

...On the game itself.....i looked at each players performance rather than looking at the final score ..Preseason games are just that.... for evaluating talent....I think we seen what we had to see....with regards to the Bombers and 'potential' Cat players....and that was the point of the exercise....A final observation...I believe Bellefuelle has as much to prove as does Mike Kelly....so should we look for a lot of vets. playing in the Cats next preseason.... :wink:

Don't forget to add Barrin Simpson, Fred Perry, Ike Charlton, Tyrone Williams, Gavin Walls, Montez Murphy, Doug Brown.
On offense, Stefan Lefors, Terrence Edwards, Brock Ralph, Derrick Armstrong, Romby Bryant, Brendan Labatte, Glen January, Arjei Franklin, Fred Reid, Joe Smith, etc. You weren't as hurtin for vets as you thought.

Thats why i stated secondary and for front 7 veterans needed to play because right now we have alot of depth not every veteran on the dline is going to stay with the exception of walls, and brown. Simpsons hasn't played a down of football since last July so he needed extra action. And Reid and Smith didn't play, I don't think Ralph did either nor did Armstrong (injury).

So I dunno

Derrick Armstrong, Doug Brown, Tyrone Williams, Terrance edwArds played for the whole first play... fred reid, joe smith... just to name a few off the top of my head, Lenny Walls also wasnt there

Its hilarious that to make yourself feel better you guys make excuses like we started 700 rookies that game, when every team is playing all of their rooks.

and 10 points came off of Kick return fumbles... and your beloved 5 sacks was against our two worst QB's and college 2 offensive lineman who are going back for the year...

Im not saying you guys are going to be terrible, i think you finish third ahead of the argos and make the playoffs this season.

there were bright spots... im just saying dont think you guys were the only ones to sit vets... and 26-0 by the end of the first half shows pure dominance, i dont care which way you slice it

And as for your whole we were undefeated in preseason theory, doesnt make much differance here, the blue and gold looked good period

The Cats have improved this year. Wait until the games mean something and we'll show you.

You can have your preseason win. I don't really care. We have been 2-0 in every preseason for the last 4 years and look how our season turned out.

Lefors looked EXACTLY like how Maas, Printers and Chang did during their preseasons with the Cats.

So the Cats didn't look to well. Who cares? It's preseason. The Cats left at lot of their regulars at home.

The dline has only slightly improved from last year but I still see this as a weakness.

The score in preseason games don't matter to me. It's all about evaluation time for the coaches. The QBs were playing with a lot of CFL rookies. They have never played together and this was their first time in live game action.

Get excited all you want about beating the Cats. I don't see how anyone gets off saying that it's ONLY the Cats. The Cats are going to prove doubters wrong this year.

Winnipeg is going to be lucky to win 5 games this year. So please, simmer down.

...You can look at this preseason game anyway you like......all i know is....Bomber rookies did a fair bit of damage to the rookie d of the Cats...The drops by our punt returners (rookies) resulting in two quick game changers... showed we definitely did not have our first line guys in there ...Our running backs (rookies) put on quite a show against a rookie group from the hammer....Read into that what you will.... :wink:

You know, you had a pretty good rant going there until you had to throw that little gem in.

Well I hope you guys left 24 starters at home, because you sure didn't have any on the field for that preseason game.

We still made it close at the end.

Look, anything can happen in the CFL. The Cats have been good in the preseason and everyone raved about them, and then look what happened.

With the losses that the Bombers and Argos have had with their personel, I see these 2 teams battling it out for 3rd in the east. The Cats will be slightly better winning 8-10 games.

Unfortunately the east isn't very strong again this year.

The Cats have improved, although some may argue with what they saw on Tuesday, but still have an issue with the dline.

I would have like to see see 2 quarterbacks instead of 4 for the Cats. Each QB should have been given a half.

It's a long season and we just have to see how it plays out. Arguing over a meaningless preseason game just shows all of us how much we love our teams and can't wait until the real season starts.

.....they always have to put their foot into it don't they pigseye.....I believe tiger dirt is using the same gypsies for his forecast as the baloney about....'Well any club that wins the preseason games are doomed' ...Maybe that's the case for them.... so sorry we ain't buying those apples....


I would really like to know why you guys think you are going to be soooooooooooo good this year? You have lost a lot of players and haven't replaced them with guys of the same calibre. You have an unproven QB in Lefors. Sorry guys, but I don't see a big season for you. 5 -7 wins is what I see. Now that could easily turn into 8-10 wins or 3-5 wins. As long as you can be competitive anything can happen.

Agreed. :thup:

....Tiger dirt......how is it you know how many wins we're going to have and yet you don't know the reason why????we think we're so good......I'll fill it in for ya.....We think we're 'so good' because we have a lot of talent on our club.....something you have already sampled and will get a lot more of in the future :wink:

Here's the Question what make the Ti-Cats so good sure they'll be an improved team like what do you guys classify as improved getting 3-4 wins cuz thats 100% better than last year. You guys have both of our last 2 QB's (khari and glenn) you guys have Greg Marshall as Defensive co-ordinator which he did a terrible job coaching, are D last year. I just don't know where you guys improved you got a better Oline i guess but you have 1 receiver (rodriguez) still you guys have Otis Floyd and Barrenchea for LB's doesn't blow me away there. Like i dunno what puts you guys in the boat to critcize our team and than twist it back on us saying we think we're going to dominate the cfl when every bomber poster has stated may not be GC winning team we hope it is but not getting hopes up that high quite yet.

Well said Supa, Ti Cat fans excused of playing mostly rookies is getting old already and is just plain stupid. First off Lefors was playing against the Ti-Cats starting material (no excuses there) and lit them up and no Ti-Cat even came close to Lefors ... hmmm ..... Randall, same thing, he was running around the Ti-Cat Defense like they were a high school team, but yet are competing for jobs with a Pro Team. Wow you sacked Kilian (who was cut today by the way) a 30 year old QB with no mobility and no brains .... BIG DEAL ..... we played mostly rookies and player's competing for jobs all game as well, most of our given starters played a whole 5 minutes each, with the exception of Bryant and Franklin who burned EVERYONE the Ti-Cats threw at us.

Glenn and Porter (your saviour) looked horrible against a bunch of nobody's, come on, wake up and smell the coffee Ti Cat Fans ... Where was your running game? why couldn't your best players get a sack on Lefors and Randall? This is the way it is Plain and Simple ....

Pre-Season is meant for coaches to evaluate the NEW talent brought in since last season, we gutted 90% of our team, which tells me that the Bombers Brought in More Talented Players to Compete For Jobs Than the Cats Did, plain and simple, our back-ups beat your back-ups bottom line, just like our team will whip you all season long. Are people that blind that they CANNOT SEE that KELLY BROUGHT IN BETTER PLAYER'S TO CAMP, way BETTER than the Cats. Sorry Cat fans make up as many excuses as you would like, bottom line is your team really brought in no one to help you climb out of the basement. Kelly wins the Bringing in Talent Competition over the Cats BY A HUGE MARGIN.

Funny that alot of Former Cfl Player's and Current Sports Shows are predicting at least a .500 season for the Blue and Gold, and they are also predicting a last place finish by either the Cats or Argo's, I will take 9 Wins and a playoff appearence to your potential 6 wins at most as TSN predicts, only team you will have a good game against in the East is Toronto as they are even worse off than you.

Also why is every Ti-Cat fan coming on here questioning LeFors? Don't you guys have QB problems of your own, i question Porter as a Starter (so he won a couple of games when the playoffs were already set... wow) he played against alot of back ups near the end of the year, as the other teams didn't want to risk injury heading into the playoffs. Glenn is going to be a thorn in your side, with his whining way's ... and never helping out the other QB'S you have, like he did here in Winnipeg ... a Selfish, washed up QB who wheres two knee braces, come on now that excites you. You get rid of one thorn (Printers) and bring in another in Glenn, wow!!! we will see who is the better team in two weeks when the real season begins, and i guarantee it won't be the Cats!!