I Know It's Only One Pre-Season Game Against The Cats, BUT!!

Last nights game really showed me that Mike Kelly has done a great job over the past few months:

Lefors looked very solid and comfortable at QB (Glenn Looked Like A loser) so maybe cutting Glenn and bringing in Lefors might just pay off .... I was impressed with Lefors and The OLine which was supposed to be a concern certainly played there hearts out and showed the skeptics that they are not going to be pushed around.

What can i say about the play of Randall, i alway's said he is only 25 and is the QB of the future, he showed great patience, a strong arm and great mobility. I was not impressed by Williams or Killian at all, looks like Lefors, Randall and a fight for third string!!

Romby Bryant showed us that he is the real deal, excellent game, great catches, over 100 Yards recieving, Our Recievers are definately the best in the league, in my opinion.

Bernard and Giles were awesome at Running Back, but are in tough with Smith and Reid, but may stay on the roster as special teams and as insurance. Credit the offensive line ONCE AGAIN for making the holes for the tailbacks.

James Johnson had a pick and looked solid when he played.

Ramonce Taylor seems to be a great returner, just needs to hold onto the ball and he is a BIG threat alway's.

Willie Byrd Looked Great and laid a good lick on a ti-cat reciever .... very impressive.

Lobedahn along with Walls, Brown and Fred Perry look like a brick wall out there, add Simpson and newly signed Lenny Walls, look out CFL, Bombers are going to surprise alot of naysayers.

Serna looked comfortable kicking the field goals especially the 40 Yarder into the wind, did OK Punting, but Renaud looked solid punting especially the 60 yarder, guys has a great leg.


Dude, the Ticats were playing 700 rookies. Don't get too excited.

Well, to be fair, I do think Bomber fans have something to be positive about...............

The only thing I'd quibble about at this point is the O line; sure it was a good outing for them, but remember this is Hamlton's D line they were up against............

....I believe things are becoming a little more clearer and we should know a lot more tomorrow when Kelly makes his cuts....The Mont. game should give us an even bigger picture....and i have always said...this team is being sold short...'Could' there be some crow-eating in the future...We'll see....Good start to 09...

True...but nobody put a finger on LeFors...

The Cats D line hardly put a finger on any QB last year.................guess maybe they haven't improved that much.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

you dont think we were playing any rookies, a lot of our best players were on the sidelines all game, like it or not, there will be a huge plate of crow waiting for you this year... this is a sign of things to come when you play the bombers this season

Hey, on in two, I don"t think your allowed that many players on the sidelines, but thanks for your useless comment anyway.

LeFors was throwing against a D that is experimenting with rooks on the Line, and which was without all of its projected starting LB's and halfbacks. My dead grandmother could have passed for 100 yards against that unit.

Enjoy the empty victory.


........I would say the Cats will be looking for someone who can play d....especially up-front... I don't think the people you left in the hammer are any better than the ones you brought...Don't worry though, we'll be cutting down shortly....... :lol: :lol: ..You 'could' pick up someone of value :wink:

Not surprised our first stringers put it to them in the first quarter, but the second stringers even did so in the second quarter.

It wasn't until the third and fourth stringers went in the second half that the TiCats even moved the ball and even then they needed instant field position off of the fumbled kicks to get in scoring position.

Depth is going to be a problem for the TiCats at that rate.

Only 4 sacks and a safety sack, vs your 0 sacks. Man our d line does suck.

.....And who were those sacks on.....the qb. that's probably on the bubble in the Peg....Now if your d line had some sort of penetration in the first half....i'd say you might be on to something....but getting sacks and safeties against a third stringer or worse doesn't impress me......i'd say you boys have a lot of work to do in the hammer...especially in the front seven... :wink:

work to do? we nearly beat u with a PURE rookie def. Only Guillory, Carter, adams and Siskowic had ever seen CFL action before that. What's more, we didn't change players on the D the whole game. A sick half-time speech was all it took to get them owning. Unfortunately they fell short. The preseason curse has hopefully been broken. We usually win both preseason games then lose almost all regular season games. I have a feeling we'll smoke the argos with our vets on tues. We'll be starting guys whom we didn't start in the Peg. Such as Otis Floyd, Prechae Rodriguez, Markeith Knowlton, Chris Thompson, Agustin Barrenachea. In a few weeks hopefully Kenton Keith will be ready to go.

I said when Lefors signed on with the Bombers that they had a good one. Us Eskimo fans know what he can do, don't forget he was the CFL player of the week a couple of years ago, filling in for Ray and it was no fluke. Lefors will come back to haunt the Esks, just hope it isn't this year.

Which all stars did u sit exactly? Perry was out there as was Simpson, Walls, Lobedahn, Bryant, Edwards, and so on. Plus we beat u and the Argo's 4 years in a row in the preseason and did that bring us a great regular season? nope.

Well, if I was a Cats fan, I guess you could say the oline and dline played well.

But, 26 - 0 at half time, after Glenn & Porter were done, isn't my idea of positive.

....i fail to see or equate preseason losses or wins in deciding the fortunes of ones season....but okay...i guess the gypsies have clued you in to that one...I'll go with how my club looks in preseason ....assess the players and go with the best talent ....win or lose....I'm coming up with ....we have some solid talent on this club....and when you play us....you better be prepared for a 'slobber knocker'.... cuz we will be serious about the 2 points... :wink: :rockin:

Man you Ti-Cat fans are in La La Land, yes we played against alot of rookies, but guess what IT'S PRE-SEASON and THE CATS ALSO PLAYED AGAINST MOSTLY ROOKIES, get your facts straight already and get ready to be LAST PLACE CFL ONCE AGAIN!!

Kevin Glenn had a great quarter of play didn't he? NOT ---- 3 for 6 with 19 BIG YARDS and an Interception .... LOL ... and your other QB'S Didn't look much better, not to mention your pitiful recieving core, i think i caounted like 10 dropped passes, come on man, the Bombers are light years ahead of the Cats in all aspects of the game. One good thing the Cats have to look forward to is Playing a team that looked just as bad last night againt the ALS, The Argo's will make the race for 3rd place in the East with your team a little more exciting :roll: