I Know it's not Likely ...

... but if Montreal wins tonite

AND Toronto loses tomorrow

AND Hamilton loses on Sunday

the entire Eastern division will be 3-3!

and same question I asked last week, who will be first and who will be last.

First tie break is wins - and they would all have 3.

Second tiebreak is win % amongst tied clubs ... let's see ...

Mtl 2-1 (split with RBs, beat Cats)
Ham 1-1 (beat TO, lost to Als)
Ott 1-1 (split with Als)
Tor 0-1 (lost to Cats)

This would make Montreal first and Toronto last.

Then start over for Ham/Ott tiebreak.

First - Both have 3 wins.

Second - have not met head to head.

Third - aggregate amongst tied clubs (0-0).

Fourth is net quotient amongst tied clubs (0-0).

Fifth is win % division ... both 1-1 as above.

Sixth is divisional aggregate ... Ham +12, Ott max of +3.

So Hamilton would be 2nd and Ottawa 3rd.

So should all 4 teams end up 3-3 this week the standings shall be:


...parity in action!!...

And Saskatchewan would be the ONLY team in the league below .500. That's probably never happened before this late in a season.

I know it's not likely.....BUT......Saskatchewan could go on a 5 game winning streak.....and still be below .500 !!! Gotta admit it's been a crazy season so far...hands up everybody who would've predicted that the REDBLACKS would be sitting
at 4-2 and in 1rst place in the East a 3rd of the way through the season and the Riders would be sitting at 0-6 still in search of their 1rst victory of the season ? :o

How likely is it that the third and fourth games of the week end up 26-23, just like the first and second?

I'm gonna say....Not Likely.....BUT....Ya never know !!! :wink: