Not only did the QB's look terrible yesterday, the one practice that I saw all four, they were not much better.
DA and some people have been saying this for years I know, is starting to look his age.
Spurgeon Wynn has been a disappointment and I guess he appears the best of the remaining bunch.
Eric Crouch looks like a deer in the headlights and I suppose it's because he has not played the position since college. He has happy feet in the pocket, appears too small and cannot see over the linemen. He cannot hit the mid range pass and looked brutal on the out pass, which in the CFL is bread and butter. The only positive is his running ability.
Charlie Peterson has his moments, but yesterday overthrew his receivers on several occasions.
With these two, I am not sure what the coaching staff will do. Maybe keep them on a rotating basis, 3rd string and taxi squad, until one of them clearly takes over. Both are long term projects.
Which in my opionion and at this point of training camp, I think the team has some potential major problems with the QB position and could be the worst in the league(don't know how Winnipeg QB's are doing?).

You're right that the preseason is too early to know for sure. Toronto has several new quarterbacks who might need more time to develop. Damon Allen normally doesn't play his best in insignificant games. He overachieved in 2005 after underachieving in 2004. So winning back-to-back awards is unlikely as Allen tends toward his average performance.

the problem with the argos has always been; they dont try.

most games that they lost last season, were lack of effort....they only seem to care about the big games....and this leads to bad habbits that catch up to them ( east finals ).

if they dont show improvement in the next pre-season tilt, then u should worry.

Actually, Winnipeg is doing well, we only lost by a point to Montreal, as a fan put it.

it's good to see the Bombers get beat and not lose because of themselves.

Its too early to press the panic button with the Toronto QBs. Allen will round into form when the regular season starts, what happened to Bishop? I thought he was the back-up in Toronto.

bishop is in the arena league now....he sucked.

ArgoTom I believe that argument could apply to Damon Allen, buth e others are very new to the play book and it will take time for them to gel with the offense. Damon's problem could be that he is not taking the preseason seriously. The other QB's will catch up I am sure.

....i think the vets. like Allen.. take a while to slip into second gear...he'll show up ..when it counts....Mike Quinn looked very poised for the Bombers...threw a nice t.d....very cool with lots of savvy...he might have a good future up here....if he can keep it going...