I know it's a business, but jeez ...

Not sure if this happens in the CFL, but in the NFL season ticket holders under contract that fail to pay (can't afford this year's season ticket package) get sued !!!

[url=http://sports.yahoo.com/top/blog/roy_s_johnson/post/Hard-luck-Washington-fans-get-skinned;_ylt=AtMTvU6oP2PWU9i3_q.m5AhDubYF?urn=top,187128]http://sports.yahoo.com/top/blog/roy_s_ ... top,187128[/url]

I guess they should have read the fine print when signing the contract. Now the fans need agents just like the players, oh boy. :roll:

thank god we aren't the US OF A.

There should be no contract when it comes to buying season tickets. that's called extortion!

how the heck could a fan promise to buy season tickets for so many years..

what if they suddenly get a job in another city and have to move? what if the guy loses his job and has no money to buy tickets?

you shouldn't be able to force someone to buy tickets.

IS Bettman behind this? lmao - IMHO- America needs an Alternative to the NFL :twisted: :cowboy:

The worst part about this is there are plenty of players that don't fulfill their contracts and do they get sued ????

Remember in the USA they sue for everything:

Broken hang nails
Split ends

:roll: :roll: :roll: