I know it is now too late....

...but if only we had used PCL to construct THF :slight_smile:

[url=http://cjme.com/article/537779/construction-new-mosaic-stadium-heads-final-stretch?platform=hootsuite]http://cjme.com/article/537779/construc ... =hootsuite[/url]

Not sure PCL is responsible for the mild winter they've had in Regina this year....

(Not that that was the only issue in Hamilton, but the unusually cold weather was the major factor in the delay, from what I remember.)

In any event, even though some of their fans can tend to be obnoxious, I am very happy for the Green Riders team and their non-obnoxious fans.


Same company that's doing Phase 3 at BMO :thup:

I'll bet Infrastructure Ontario isn't involved with either project!

Just think what they'll accomplish with the LRT. Hell, the GO station on James North is still not complete and won't be for months. Regina is building a stadium quicker that a measly GO station.

Only in Ontario. Sad.