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this isn't cfl stuff.

but in fond remembrance of a favorite cfl coach (even if for the wrong team), I am gonna post it here anyhow

[url=http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000438578/article/nebraska-hires-oregon-state-coach-mike-riley-to-replace-bo-pelini]http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap300000 ... -bo-pelini[/url]

I specifically like and expand the following comment to all of football.

"Riley is widely considered one of the nicest coaches in college football and his demeanor stands in stark contrast to his often bombastic predecessor at Nebraska".

If only we could get him back into the cfl.

The CFL couldn't afford Mike Riley if a school like Nebraska has hired him, as head coach. Not a chance. :wink:

I know, sigh

I dunno. It seems the only people who make money in this league are coaches and G.M.'s. If they lured Austin from a pretty good gig I don't know that Riley would be untouchable.

if memory is correct back in the day Mike left the CFL for job security of the NCAA. College coach's are not let go as quick. Back in the day "the 80" he had a young family and realized that if he stayed in Canada he would likely be moving from city to city and this was not great for family. He has moved around since Mike left the peg but if he stayed in Canada he might have been with 6 teams over that time.....just saying not always the money!

There are Canadian University Coaches who could be just as good, but will never get the opportunity.

Riley came here made a name for himself , then bolted, just like Austin did, just Austin didn’t win in NCAA that’s why he came back. Easy job to get, some are good some not.

Some how Americans have gained a monopoly on the CFL. Its easy to assume they are better, but are they?

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aha, it was all mikey's fault.

"USC quarterback Rob Johnson earned numerous Pac-10 and NCAA records under Riley's tutelage"

if only mike had never let Rob play :slight_smile: