I know every team does it but...

Check out this video clip.

After running for a first down, Pierce looks to the bench, turns around to look and Paris Jackson and points to the ground. You then see Jackson go down on one knee. You then hear the commentator say " I guess his hip pointer is bothering him.

[url=http://s30.photobucket.com/albums/c335/ro1313/?action=view&current=V11TS_01_1.flv]http://s30.photobucket.com/albums/c335/ ... S_01_1.flv[/url]

Download it here.


It's the desire to win, that brings out the ugly side of sport. Some say it's cheating, others say it's a part of winning. Cheating has many faces, if an infraction is not called is it cheating.?... No ref can make a call on someone's health and the CFL suffers from cheating....just like all other leagues do also..good topic for discussion ro

i watch the video clip and of course that was sooo obvious :roll: ya i know every team does it :expressionless: but IMO if a referees every spots that, they should notify the player (faking player)and the player should be off for at least 6 plays :wink: maybe that could help a lil? You just cant do that on the field where everybody can see it and get away with it or it will just get worse :expressionless: :wink: :cowboy: :thdn:

Didn't see that before, but I don't like it either, they use it to avoid calling a timeout.

The Eskimos are the worst, they use it after virtually every play when they're losing (which is all the time this year).

I Like BGM's Idea Of Increasing The Number Of Plays That The Player Has To Sit Off Everytime An Injury Stops The Clock. And It Should Be 6 Plays That The Play Would Be On For, For Example If An Offensive Player Gets Injured And The Offense Turns The Ball Over To The Defence The Next Play Then The Offensive Player Has To Wait Until The Offence Is Back On The Field Until He Can Count Down The Remaining 5 Plays.

This has nothing to do with this topic, but when did the Lions start wearing Orange helmets with there alternate uni’s?

One time only thing, I think they’re going to be auctioning off the helmets.

That was obscenely obvious.

The fact is, such moves are illegal, but very hard to catch. If a ref had spotted that, they could have marched 10 yards against the Lions for delay of game.

I dont think I have even seen a team get called for......uh faking it!

How about all the times the Eskies put someone down today...talk about obvious...especially when Maurer "went down". They showed the replay, and he wasn't touched.

well i wouldnt call a team for faking it! i would either call it , like Big Dave said, delay of game or what i would call it a unsportsman like penalty :expressionless: only on calls that are soooooo obvious

That makes me sick. I agree they should make a player sit out longer for an injury. I mean if they were really injured they wouldn't be back after 3 plays. When teams fake injuries it makes me sick almost as much as those orange helmets we wore...

A problem for sure, sort of like diving in hockey in some respects. But maybe the refs keep an unofficial tally in the back pockets and if teams do it too much, then they will notice more often holding that goes on on every play and call it more often, that sort of thing. Teams will figure it all out.

And its always 19 Maurer or 30 Bertrand Every game, 3 times or 4 times a game. Even yesterdays game the CBC camera shows him falling to the ground, untouched. :roll: :roll:

Yeah, he (Maurer) fell, got up, ran a few steps, missed out on the tackle, and promptly falls down. Even the announcers didn't know what to say about it.

Maurer is definately the Eskimo's "designated fall guy".
The hilarious part was listening to Walby talking about how tough Maurer was.
There is Maurer down for no reason, except to delay the game, and Walby is praising the guy, "he's so tough, he'll be back in soon"

Anybody watching the Sask/Montreal game just saw a beauty example of this fake injury being used by the Als, in the 4th quarter. Even the commentators were laughing at him.

Schultz did a beauty in the second quarter too.

we will see alot of it tommorrow in that Edmonton game :wink: whats that fall guy's name again? oh ya Maurer :lol:

The Montreal play was classic.
The olineman is just a few yards from the sideline, Popp has already stalled by throwing a flag to challenge the spot on second down, which unless he is an idiot, he has to know is a non-challengable play.
So the o-lineman drops like a stone.
One trainer comes out. The second trainer comes out.
Then he is down forever while Popp decides whether to gamble on third down.
Finally, two guys carry this guy off the field, who is limping like Barbaro.
Now if he was that hurt, you'd think one of the trainers would stay with him, but as soon as he is off the field, the trainers are gone, and that is that.
Terrible abuse of the rules.