I knew MTL had great fans

but this is about a pm re; Trestman from HfxTC gave me.

[i]Career Offensive Coordinator in the NFL (16 years). Ran in to trouble on the Dolphins in 2004 then went to coach in North Carolina and his (1) lack of recuiting skills and interest prevented him being succesful.

Was invited last season as a guest coach in Montreal by Popp who knew Trestman from his father (Popp) and Trestman coaching together with the Cleveland Browns.

Got the job in Montreal and asked the owner to increase the coaching staff by 500k and his player budget by 500k to allow Trestman a scout team.

Hired Martino and Elizondo and met with the Als Captains and Oline in January.

Rebuilt the entire playbook, Training camp and practice schedules and
(2)told players jobs and playing time would be awarded based on work ethics, Team spirit and character. He honnored that.

Never ever takes credit for anything.

(3)[u]Hones up to his mistakes

When asked about a player's performance always relates back to their work ethics rather then performance and credits their teammates for making the individual performance possible. [/u]

In my opinion the man is in the process of building a football dynasty in Montreal. He has a 3 year contract but I'm affraid as Marv Levy before him. The Als will lose him to the NFL within two years.

Hope that answers your question. I hope Bomber fans get a Coach and GM next year they deserve. [/i]

This post summarized a lot of vitues associated with what has put MTL on the right path this season. Something you have to wonder; would make more sense.

I traced what I Thought were important points 1-3 are underlined.

You would think Berry has taken all of this into account.

Accountability has to start from somewhere to get this across, it starts with Bauer and Taman nesting eggs without the hatching, they've incubated this team instead.

Bauer and Taman have incubated a bunch of ROTTEN EGGS!!!!!

Yes - yes absolutely my friend. All is not fine.

lol, on that we can agree, a few rotten eggs in the basket to be sure. But I suspect now that the NFL cuts have occurred, some of those rotten eggs will be tossed out. If not, them that is even more of a reason to clean house at the management level.

That's probably the most succinct description of the Bombers I've ever read, especially when you go think back to the Khari years.

Berry is definitely the most rotten egg in the Bomber basket right now. We might as well smash them all and make us a huge, puke vomelette :lol: :lol: :lol:

When you look at how success is measured in Mtl, it's hard not to notice the windfall. In our case there is no tradeoff with the floudering in this mess of an organization.