I just saw 8 city plows drive by.

This country's government is so goddam wasteful. I live in Winnipeg and we have had fine weather the last couple of weeks. It's above 0. The snow is melting. Even the side streets are free of snow. And yet...

Eight plows all in a row, one after the other are just driving down the street doing nothing. Why the hell are we paying for this? The ****ing sand truck was out today when there is NO snow or ice on the streets!

It's not the city's fault. They are encouraged to do this. If they don't use up their budget then they won't get as big a budget next year. So they have to spend all their budgeted money on snow removal, even if there is no snow! This money could have been used for so many better things than having convoys of 8 plows drive around in circles all day. It drives me nuts!


BD the service is prepaid it is better having them out there then having these guys in a building playing cards. The fact is if a big storm comes in you know they are there right. Quit complaining!

i saw 3 today around my street also.there is ice still around tho:(

If it’s prepaid then why have there been years where they have overrun the budgeted money for snow removal? You are implying it is a fixed cost but it couldn’t be.

Maybe you have to pay the workers regardless, but you certainly shouldn’t have to pay for the gas and sand used for them to drive around needlessly.

.........how was their formation?.......tight?.......did they perfrom any cross-over tricks or 'fan' out at intersections before gracefully realigning back into a rigid Flying V?........these trucks could be the Snow Angels, the acrobatic laterally plowing team from Weyburn, SK........

Usually if it is prepaid it if for a fixed yearly snowfall say the first 150cm. After that much you have to pay for each removal.

....no snow now...but wait till Grey Cup time.....they're just warming up and getting ready...nothing like being prepared.....even though its 9 months away....geez ....somebody could give birth in that amount of time....maybe you're right..Blue Dragoon....quit wasting our taxes dollars...bad municipal govt.... :idea:

it is better having them out there then having these guys in a building playing cards.
Guys, be reasonable - after sitting around all day playing cards, we have EARNED a coffee break and need to get to Tim Hortons. You can't expect us to all ride in one plow - we are trained heavy equipment operators.


Usually if it is prepaid it if for a fixed yearly snowfall say the first 150cm. After that much you have to pay for each removal.
Ok well that makes sense. Still though it is only March and we could easily take a turn south and get a few huge dumps of snow later this month. Why plow now when there is next to no snow?

The potential seems there that if we do have a really crappy end of March or April that we could end up going over a prepaid amount of snow removal and have to pay more above the prepaid amount.

Besides just because you paid a contract doesn't mean you have to pay for the gas and sand costs of them driving around in circles. At least it shouldn't.

And by the way nice one Alien. That made me laugh.

Send them to Saskatoon. We have the worst snow removal ever. Especially if you live in a cul-de-sac. We just got 30 cm + in the last week, but now everything is melting and all the drains are covered by huge snow banks, so now there are massive puddles everywhere.

Speaking about Tim Horton’s, Did you hear about the fiasco here in Quebec with the Roll up the Rim contest here in Quebec?

.....could be here, Billy, where we got another couple inches today to cover up the 36 cm we had over the last week which still hasn't been removed.....

.....yes, 1313, that hit the national news last night....pretty disgusting, if you ask me.....

News flash!!!!!!
Some bonehead came forward now and claims he threw out the cup and he wants the car!!!!

....what happened?....

Heard that already today.....I fully expect his claim will be tossed out.....you discard the cup, you're forfeiting anything that goes along with it, I believe.....

A 10 year old girl found a Tim's cup in a garbage can, couldn't roll up the rim, so asked her 12 year old friend to do it. They won a car, decided to split the profits.....then the parents got involved and it's escalated into a big squabble.....then a teacher at the school came forward and claimed he threw the cup away, so the vehicle should belong to him.....it's pathetic, really.....

In an elementry school a 10 year old girl found a TM cup in the school garbage can. She had trouble rolling the rim. Another 12 year old came by and rolled it up for her and the cup won the SUV. The parents of the 10year old offered the 12 year old 5,000$ but they were insulted by that and they want half of the optional 25,000$ cash. Now some guy who works at the school say he threw it out and wants the car.

.....one girl gets $12,500, the other gets $12,500 and the dummy that threw the cup away gets squat.....baliff, next case please.....