I just recieved my CFL insider Email!!!!!!

Check this out
I just received the latest edition of the CFL Insider email.

Apparently some guy is going to try to make a 50 yard field goal for 1 million dollars. Wow what do you think will happen :roll:

Wow…wonder if it will come out that this guy will have to be paid in installments if he makes it…betcha he flubs the first three…

lol... Imagine what you would do without these "insider tips" !

Hey, based on that bulletin, I think I could go 4-0 this week in the VGCC... The Argos will beat Hamilton, Montreal will beat Ottawa... etc. I can even predict the score of each game !

Yes - I recieved mine the other day as well ... Feel fortunate ...

The Bomber Newsletter has been sending me multiple emails a day for the last three weeks advertising their stupid freakin pin collections ...

What used to be a neat information source, is now your typical marketing garbage.


........yeah, but the bomber newsletter is edited by........let me see here.......a guy named...........Kanga Kucha!?......

haha, RW

I got those pins thigs too, and I wish they would stop, I'm not intrerested.

When I saw the topic of this post, I had a flashback to that Steve Martin movie, The Jerk: "The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here! I'm somebody now!" :lol:

The point of the post was that the CFL insider is a week late.
Its telling me to stay tuned to something that happened last week

who do u think will win the grey cup

ps toronto is the best team in cfl


Hey I just got my cfl mail.
Did anyone know about this guy who is kicking for a million dollars?LOL