I just realised something

The Als did not take a single penality today!
No offside
No procedure
NO timecounts

When was the last time that happened?

I am also wondering one thing. No one from the Als organisation touched the East Champion trophy. They just left it on the podium. In Calgary, Henry Burris et. al. made their victory laps with the West Champion trophy.

What's up with that?

Good i know its a hockey thing but you dont touch that trophy, its meaningless!

Just like in the Nhl its bad luck to touch the eastern and western conference champions trophy. And it just goes to show that the Al's want a trophy next week not the one they won today! Maybe it's a advantage for us that Calgary touched that trophy! LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't know about "meaningless"...they've worked hard to earn that trophy, and while they will be disappointed if they lose next week, they should savour the moment with what they've earned so far...carry the trophy around, and enjoy it.

Anyone also notice that there was not a single Beer ad on the field, on the sidelines, and on the jerseys

Its not so much that its meaningless as opposed to its not the one they want. Celebrating this one is almost like settling for this one

2005: Strickland gave the trophy to the fans that were in T"O" (was there)...we lost GC..
2006: Guys lifted it on Podium...we lost GC...

2008: Guys could be superstitious ! :wink:

We all know which trophy we want them to lift up !

Celebrating the next step to the big prize isn't "settling"...it's enjoying the moment. I always thought it was flaky and superstitious to ignore the trophies accumulated on the way to the top honours...superstitions mean you have no faith in your abilities and are leaving things to powers beyond your control...the Als have what it takes this year...superstition at this point of the season is laughable...

...and I'm only using the Als as an example because it was brought up...my thoughts go for any team that holds the superstitious tradition, and is in no way an attempt to troll...

I heard some players saying "Don't touch it", before they walked away,
and the coach left the trophy presentation quickly too.
The commentator said, that wasn't the trophy they wanted,
they were waiting to take their real trophy next week.
I thought since that isn't their goal, they wouldn't accept it as such.
Good camaraderie anyway.

The presenter didn't even try to present it, (like Calgary).
It just sat there, like he already knew they weren't touching it.

I'm sure no-one here ever thought it was.

There was a movie I saw a few years back(Im not even sure it was about football) Where the team won a game and was moving on tho the next level. The coach came in and said "Dont you dare celebrate!......) I dont remember what else he said, but it well said and it explained the philosophy quite well.

I understand the principle behind it, but I don't agree with it. That would be like me not celebrating at my wedding, because my goal wasn't complete, and I hadn't had children yet...not the same thing, I realize, but the point is the same: Celebrate the steps to the final destination...

Exactly! I'm sure the Als players will be happy to touch and hold the east championship trophy once they have won the Grey Cup. I hope the Als beat the crap out of the Stamps!!!