I just loved this game!!!!!!!!!!

We could have won it and we made some errors but we still look like a GOOD football team. We can only get better now and by midseason we should be consistent. Bauman shone along with the usual cast of characters on the offense. Printers missed a couple but his heroics got us some plays we shouldn't have had. I am looking forward to Calgary next week and the rest of the season with this very good football team.

They look improved but I was fooled last year. Time will tell how good they are. Right now they have a losing record and no wins at home.

Hey the Cats are head and shoulders above last years team.

Last year we didn`t play like a team. This year the guys believe they can win.

When the home team can give their fans a game like that, it's worth the admission!
Great Team, Great Game! They've gone from last in the East to second... and with class!

They have come into their own as a football team. Now, they have to build on their momentum because they can definitely get better.

The defense needs some tweaking. Am I mistaken or were there no sacks made by our boys today?

The defense needs to put more pressure on opposing QBS and stop missing tackles.

This being said, the improvement over last year makes us a contender this year.
Last year, we weren't even a consideration for this.

We won this game against a terrific team. I'm still calling an 89 grey cup rematch. Good job Cats I think you guys have really turned things around. As I said before I hope you win all your games except those against us :slight_smile:

The boys played well today (for the most part). They're finally starting to put up a fight instead of just packing it in. Maybe this is the 'real' first year of the five year rebuilding plan!

Yeah, no one can say it wasn’t entertaining and competitive. It was a great game. Look how young and inexperienced this team is as a unit, and how well they are playing. A veteran squad like the Riders may be at their peak while our team is steadily improving, and we were able to put up that kind of performance. Whatever happened, the team is on the upswing. Would’ve liked to have that victory though.

No sacks but we had pressure just we had were against a QB who knew all about patience lol they guys been down to the practice roster and now started i think we have a good team maybe and extra man to blitz mind u i dont think we would lost if Gordan didnt get hurt we had to shuffle the Backfield which created a bit of confusion LETS BEAT THE STAMPS so i can return to work without the usual Comments i have to deal with from my coworkers

That is quite a compliment. The '72 and '89 Grey Cups where the Ticats and Riders played each other were two of the best Grey Cup games of all-time. Both were decided by field goals at the end of the game and were quite entertaining.

Last year, we saw the Ticats lose close ones and win a few. Will the Ticats keep it up consistently this time? At least they are in second place in their division as a result of two other teams in the division being off to worse starts. But will the Ticats stay ahead of those two teams?

I totally agree the game was an exciting contest. I guess I just hate seeing the Cats lose, especially in the last minute. Lets face it, they gave up TD's in the last minute of each half. They need to step up and take over the game

No one is going to be running away with anything in the east. let's just take all the positives we can with this game because she's a total crap shoout out there this year.

it was a good game exept the last play :frowning:

Has to be the most exciting game at the stadium in 4 or 5 years. I really enjoyed the day, even the start time allowed for get togethers before and after.

The team played hard and it was evident that they really thought they could win, that is something that wasn't there in the past few seasons.

Now they have to get the killer instinct. Bury the other team when the opportunities arise, smash mouth ball, run up the score just for the sake of doing it. When they can do that, they will truly be a "feared opponent".

Well, the start time I didn't like. Season ticket holder but since we had to go out Sunday and not enjoy our backyard pool, decided to stay home and watch it in the garage (or was planning on listening to it but it was on TV afterall, thought it was going to blacked out) by the pool instead. Part of me wishes I was there, part of me very much enjoyed at the at home thing. But I did my part, we are season ticket holders afterall.

So lets take this as a challendge and this day on destroy any team in our path! We can make people to learn to respect this team even the refs! :wink:

Our DLine needs serious help. As I think we will see in Calgary.

I think that play Bradley made at the end of the game was one of the most exciting efforts I have seen in a long time. That is one reason why this team is completely different from last year. I really believe that kind of effort wouldnt have existed last year!!

Thursday's game will be an offensive shootout. We won't be able to contain Calgary's offense. Therefore, Jesse must have 140-180 yards and Casey must throw for 300 and a couple of touchdowns. I'm assuming we get our standard 4 rushing touchdowns as well and a couple Setta field goals. That's what it's gonna take to beat the Stamps.