I just lost some respect for riders fans

I was at the game at Taylor field and the fans started throwing full drinks at the Lions side line after the the turn over in the 2nd half. I don't know if that was shown on TV, but I was disgusted!!

Yes it was pretty disgusting. Maybe it is time to stop canned beer sales. Foam cups are harder to throw. Too bad a handfull of idiots spoil things for everyone.

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This happens everywhere , At least they show a lot of passion for their team . I do hope the few Idiots didn't spoil the Rider fans reputation .

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And what you are showing is intelligence, Goldmember? Nice to see that you paint everyone with the same brush.

Nope...can't say that it does. I go to nearly every Lions game and people are immediately ejected if they throw something. Some Saskatchewan fans were throwing stuff at us from the upper level to the lower and security was all over them. It just isn't tolerated in BC Place. Period.

And I wouldn't equate passion with idiocy either. I'm passionate about my team but would never try and hurt someone because of it. Don't defend or justify their actions...it was disgusting.

I really would question how well their security is at Taylor field. This should have been dealt with fast. I did not see the incidnet to really pass judgement but if the players and coaches had to move to center field this is not very good security in my opinion.

It was terrible I am disgusted but funny how no one seems to talk about the BC player that threw a football at the fans before they started throwing things at them.

Quite trying to find excusses for what happened hbw10. What happened was deplorable so don't try and find a way to justify it, it just makes one sound like an idiot.
Anyway the morning after, I hope cooler heads prevail and that rider pride isn't tarnished to bad.
Here is a post out of riderfans.com if you wish to read. Make what you want out of it.


If you read my post I didn't defend it. I just stated that no one mentioned that the players weren't angels either.

Don't do that in here, k?

Go to your own forum to spread the b.s.

If you're talking about Geroy, he threw a ball TO the crowd and I thought that was totally cool.

The fans have done this before...this was the worst.

Don't justify it here, of all places.

Time to go home.

You're not welcome in here if you're going to try and bad mouth the Lions in all of this. It was the Riders fans who acted like uneducated idiots.

This is the mentality that has people hate the Riders fans...your fans screwed up. Time to own it. Don't come in here taunting us, because I'm not in the mood today.

Yah nice language hbw10. Shows maturity doen't it. I dont care if players throw 50 footballs at the fans it doesn't mean that the fans would have to recipricate back like the idiots they were.

Thanks redstallion....you're a class act.

Seems like you are defending their actions. Your trying to find blame elsewhere. The blame is the knuckle draggin morons throwing the beer cans not the player throwing a football in the stands. Sorry no matter how you try to justify the actions of these sub humans the blame is totally on them and the security of your ball park.

The fans can yell and scream all they want, but when they begin throwing projectiles onto the field something needs to be done. They stopped selling beer in bottles and cans here decades ago, what's the deal in Rider Nation? When we had a moment of silence for Bob Ackles here in B.C. place it was really quiet and respectful, but in Rider Nation when they tried it for Ron Lancaster all you can hear are all the drunk idiots acting like goofballs. I know its tough to field a competitive team in a small market , but they need to stop scrimping on security before the players start taking matters into their own hands. One more thing ....., I encourage all players to throw balls into the stands, I would love to get my hands on one of them.

Throwing a fotball in the stands is actually a nice gesture - souvenir. This happens all the time in pro-football after a TD.

New Rider's motto
If you can't beat them, throw debris at them

HMM, we are classless. What does that make the Lion who started throwing stuff back into the crowd? That's when most beer cans came down at them.

How am I sticking up for them and blaming the Lions I made a comment that BC threw something back I did not say the fans were justified in their actions but BC was not justified in there action either. Nuff said I leave this topic as it is just beating a dead horse.