I just KNEW this was going to happen

I knew the hockey game was going to go to overtime. This is absolutely disgusting scheduling in my opinion. Now we miss one of very few football games (and one with big playoff implications) to see one of thousands of crappy hockey games that will be available all year. I’m ****ing pissed right now!

dragoon man u gotta relax. if a football game went into sudden death it would cut of the hockey game after it on the network. its something u can;t do much about.

Was does TSN even show two american teams on a canadian channel? Lucky for me RDS shows all the Al's games without intorumption. Thank you Riders for ending Edmonton's 34 year streak now the Al's have the longest at 11.

EE is not out yet!
Tor gotta win tomorrow first

TSN showed the Buffalo/Detroit game because we live in a country filled with hockey fans (myslef being a big one) and of course they are not going to change the programming when they go into overtime to show the start of another game.

All ya had to do was tune to RDS!

The most idiotic move this year in terms of games getting cut out occured on thanksgiving IMO. Although it was great to see the Rider's get blown out by Montreal... do we really need to watch the final 5 mins. of the game(with commercials), so that we end up missing half a quarter of edmonton vs. toronto?

This could be easily solved by a little consultation with the schedule makers... make sure there is a 3 1/2 hour time slot available for the hockey game .. or for the first game in the case of football doubleheaders. I think that these kinds of issues need to be addressed when awarding the next football contract.

I really dont think its all that big a deal!!!!!!
And I hate hockey

a Toronto or Winnipeg win puts Edmonton out

No EE has to lose one more time before they are eliminated. As it stands they can still tie SSK and will take the season series