I just heard maas on the radio:

He will be keeping his family and home in edmonton while he plays for the tigercats, i for one will cheer for him whenever he plays, except if ti is against the eskies,lol, danny maciocia says one day him and maas will be back on the same team, wether it be as player/coach or coach/coach, good luck in hamilton maas, class act all of the way.

i heard that too haha
i wanna see jason johnson do all the things maciocia told bryan hall.

yeah, good luck to Maas, he was a great player and person

who'd the Esks get in return tho??

danny mac, tm bakker some other linebacker guy and 1ST ROUND DRAFT PICK


and some db that i've never heard of before.

i hate jason maas!!!! ray all the way!!!! go eskimos!!!!!

Can't say I'm surprised that Maas will be keeping his family and his off season home in Edmonton. "Once an Eskimo, Always an Eskimo" and "Once an Oiler, Always an Oiler" are common mantra's known around the CFL and NHL. Nothing against Hamilton, but Maas has made a wise choice to stay in a World Class City such as The City of Champions in the off season, and in his retirement.

We've recently hosted The World Track and Field Championships, which is the 3rd Largest sporting event in the World, behind only the Summer Olympics and the World Cup of Soccer. It was the FIRST and ONLY time this massive event has been hosted in North America. George Gross of the Toronto Sun described it as "They staged the world track and field championships last year -- a highly successful affair, not only on the track and on the field, but also in the stands -- and played host to the 1978 Commonwealth Games in another highly impressive showing."

Edmonton regularly hosts International soccer events, due to its world class natural grass stadium, Edmonton has recently extended its contract to host a Champ Car Grand Prix event for the next 6 years, after breaking the all time Champ Car attendance record in its first year, this past summer. And before crygarian's drone on with their usual LOSER excuses of the Champ Car Grand Prix event being white trash that crygary wants no part of, they should know that crygary made a VERY aggressive bid for the Grand Prix, to replace Vancouver on the tour. They lost to The City of Champions... AGAIN. Oh yeah... we also host the Canadian National Finals Rodeo. We might not go out of our way to let livestock sh.it on our downtown streets, but there's still cowboy events in The Capital City of Alberta. Edmonton has more kilometers of accessible "forest in the city" running trails than any urban area in the world. Edmonton's River Valley Park system is the largest of any urban centre in North America approximately 12 times larger than New York City's Central Park. There is the world famous Fringe Festival, the largest festival of alternative theatre in North America. For the golfer, Edmonton has more golf courses per capita than any other city in the world. Over the years, Edmonton has been host to such World Class Events as the 1978 Commonwealth games, 1983 Universiade, 1996 World Figure Skating Championships, 1999 World Tae Kwon Do Championships and the 2001 World Track and Field Championships.

I guess he could have chosen to move south, to a town where there is a tower to go up and down, and 10 days a year to have fun getting drunk for 25% higher bar prices. A city where it is considered entertainment to walk cows down the middle of downtown during a mid week lunch hour, and have people make bets on where the cow will sh.it in the middle of the street. A city where it's own Alderman admits to the media that he is EMBARRASSED when his family visits from out of town, because after he's shown them the tower, the pathetic Calaway Park, and the cow shi.tting contest, there is nothing to do. A city that still considers itself World Class, because 16 years ago, it hosted the Winter Olympics, which was much smaller by today's standards. A city that is so desperate for any kind of sports victory, that they make it first page news when they hoist the 2nd place banner in hockey. But, I digress.

Good on Maas. First class all the way. Here's hoping for Esks/Ti-Cats in Grey Cup 2006!!!!!

Boone… Don’t think for one second Edmonton has anything that matters on Calgary… Even people from Edmonton know the truth…
In fact they move down here. RIGHT BOONE! If Edmonton was so damn special why would you live in CALGARY??? Let’s be honest… If it was not for Calgary no one would know where Edmonton is. Anyhow best of luck with your future here in Calgary. I know its what you want or else you wouldn’t have moved here. 2 Different city’s. One is progressive and one still skins beavers. One is proud of thier heritage and one has a mayor that is ashamed of it.
Best of luck here in Calgary, with your attitude you will need it.
Stamp 78

maas will be back here to play imho…

you got that right boon, everything you need is here and then some, what a great time to be a part of this great city.....

Stamp 78
BTW I did appreciate the great grey cup game. Congrats on your win