I just gotta ask

Does Maas know that he is supposed to be playing football?


Maas is not on the same page as the rest of the Ti-Cats.

Do the Apprentice routine on him: "You're Fired!"

Everyone has stepped it up for the Tiger-Cats today.
Everyone except Maas, Ralph and Peterson.
We need more changes for next week, including at the pivot spot.

Good God almighty, Maas is playing as pathetic as any QB this yr?

Mass should have been given the boot before Joe. Joe should have been given the chance to go 3 games without having to use Maas.

This is typical Lancaster,keep your starting QB in no matter what.We had the same problem when DMac was here,if he had a bad game he would continue to play..

This is the 1 reason we have no young QB's stepping up because they never have a chance to play..........

Ronnie pulled Maas the other games. Eakin just did not deliever and he has so many interceptions i say get a decent back up QB.

Right.... Ronnie stuffed in Eakin with 1:50 in the 4th quarter of the labor day game when the rest of the offence had already given up, the other 2 games were similar and the score was ridiculous. His only play was the deep ball in all 3 games and you consider that to be a fair shake? What about Williams? We've really not seen much of him... Start Eakin a few games, sub in Williams if it gets bad or the other way around. Jeezzz Maas has had the whole season thus far and stinks. :lol:

Have you seen what is left? Do you really want to see Eakin? Williams? lol.

Seriously, Maas has been pulled as early as the end of the third quarter, and the results were terrible. Maas is awful this year. But so are the other options. Don't blame Lancaster - he's shown more than enough willingness to pull his starter. The problem is that doing so changes nothing.

What would you have our GM do with Maas? I mean you guys are all calling for Maas' head but you guys forget football is a business.

Maas used to be a great QB, I dunno what happened this year, he lead the Esks to the cup last year, he came in during clutch situations in the playoffs and took them to the finals.

After his bad season this yes be it injury being homesick or just plain sucking. His worth throughout the league is miniscule at best. If they traded him monday what would they get? A couple of draft picks?

Crash is right, if we bench him whom do we have left, Eakin and Williams. Eakin looked impressive at the QB challenge and wasn't bad when the team picked him up last season. But this year he seems almost nervous and cannot execute.

Williams is green, he has not taken enough reps to start a game.

If the cats can do anything they should attempt to grab a more solid backup / starter someone with the ability to execute, bench Maas for the rest of the season because we have all seen what he can do when he is on his game, maybe it is injury, I don't know for sure.

Make a trade, pick up an NFL cut QB, release Williams of Eakin and see what that does.

Did Allen play any better that Maas?

Did he get pulled?

Did he lead his team to TD after TD?

How many INTs did Allen have?

When did you think he should have been pulled from the game?

Doogie, Doogie, you can't even come close to comparing Maas and Allen!! Did you miss the ceremonies at the start of the game??? There was somthing about Allen beating some record or something.....

We were leading untill the last minute of the fourth quarter.

Jason didn't deserve to be pulled so Eakin could come in ...

Allen has been around for 22yrs.He's proven himself.And who cares what Toronto does anyway.
Well this is the perfect time to get Williams playing time,were already playing for next year so lets see what he can do...

Play Willaims !!!

Lets start a petition to Desjardins .

Play Williams please!