I just got to say

I am learning to accept missing functions.
I am learning to accept missing stats
I am learning to accept stats that are confusing or inconsistent or in error

I am getting pissed at that stupid 20 character minimum per post, grrrrrr

I am getting pissed at that stupid 20 character minimum per post, grrrrrr

I'm with you there. Dumb rule.

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...agreed...I’ll ask sully if that’s an optional setting

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It can be modified to be less, but should it be? What statements do people need to put out there that are less than just 20 characters?

Brevity is the soul of wit.

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yes it should IMO

(my answer was too short)

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"yes it should IMO" is exactly the kind of response that isn't necessary; if you are not willing to put forth a case for your opinion in your post, then the value of publicizing it is extremely dubious.

my example was my case.

one of my favorite posts of agreement is the old hunter line "works for me"

there have been many example of previous posts in many topics where the poster was trying to make a totally relevant remark and it was not accepted as is.

it is normal to have a response that is less than 20.

why do you want to have a minimum limit?

people just work around the limit anyhow with characters and other unneeded words for their response. so what is the gain?

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Obviously there are enough cases of it happening to annoy people....and even if there were far and few between....what's the harm?

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As for examples

Why do you say that?
Do you have an example
What do you mean by that
Where did you hear that?
Where did you read that
DO you have a link
Is that a quote?

It goes on and on and on


I concur. Zippety do dah dee! :cowboy_hat_face:

Keep in mind that a space is also a character.

I thought space is the final frontier


Okay yeah 20 characters is too much. I lowered the minimum count to 10 characters.


Well it's not like we did not have enough characters in here already you know! :cowboy_hat_face:


Sully, the new cool blue is great. It is easier on the eyes too. Good move :facepunch::fist::+1::call_me_hand:

It wasn't on purpose, something is broken!

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Cool blue would be a great option. The dark interface is so much better now. :call_me_hand::+1::fist::facepunch::fist_right::cowboy_hat_face:

Bah! At least we have hockey and soccer and Formula 1, but enough of this waiting around get on with it CFL.

Well I sure do like this forum. Now what? Anybody?