i just found this you may have seen it...

Wheeler & Hal from Power 97 here in Winnipeg decided to pull a prank a DJ from rival province Saskatchewan :lol: :lol:

Couple Notes just incase someone asks later :lol: :lol:

First off, this was from '07 :lol:
Second off, its not live or anything, they are playing it back the day after it happened (which is the reason you hear them :lol: laughing during it and why phone calls and stuff hardly took and time to answer, and why it cuts to call-ins so fast) :lol:




I hope he was able to get his tickets back so he could watch the Riders take the cup away from the Bombers, ultimate final laugh right there.

But serious edited move to get him to rip up his tickets.

serious edited move to believe somebody from the league would call you and tell you to rip up your tickets.