I just found an heartbreaking souvenir...


There Was 5 HON Candidates in that game :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see that again... even though we lost... but what a game!!!

Stalas catch, Calvillo's throws!

Okeke miss block!!! and Watkins drop TD (even though it wouldn't could)! :frowning:

Too bad CBC hasn't produced a DVD yet!

I know its painful Third, but thanks for the memories.

Nice Find!

I feel like rubbing it in.

I have it on DVD! :lol:

Yeah, you have the DVD, ro. You burned it on your DVD recorder. Hell, if I had such technology, I would've taped/burned it too.

Speaking of heartbreaking, my neighbour waved a Grey Cup DVD under my nose last night. He was in Edmonton and found some "Boot legged" copies at some place on White Street? (Edmonton posters can confirm such a street?) He tells me he got it for $20.00. Damn, if I had known that.....

Well, once you contact me to pick up your DVD's, it will be even more heartbreaking !

The heartbreaking footage for me is the catch made by Tony Gabriel in the 1976 Grey Cup game. It seems that we see that footage over and over and over and over again, and just when you think youve seen enough of it, it gets played again!!!!

Last year's Grey Cup was the most exciting I've ever seen...and I'm not really a fan of either team.

I cheered for Edmonton in that game, but it wouldn't have mattered if they'd lost: that game won't be forgotten anytime soon, and was huge for the league.

Even though my team lost I still felt it was the greatest game ever