I just couldnt do it

my old j5v is rather worn these days, so I figured it time to get a new ball. Went to sportchek. Wanted an official CFL ball but they didnt carry them. The guy showed me the best cfl ball they had, and the best NFL ball they had. The nfl ball was better quality and I almost bought it, but I couldnt. It just seemed to sacrilegious for me as a CFL fan to buy an NFL ball. Just couldnt do it.

...good call

You went to Sportchek? Bwaaaaaa-hahahahaha.

You deserve crappy balls.

^ What he said. :lol:

Who are you to judge other guys’ balls?! :wink:

I was lazy, it was on the way home, so....

what can I say

Its a little known fact that Artie is a 3 time All-Canadian Ball Judger.

and how does he do that? I mean, you cant tell a ball by its cover 8)

Aparently Artie is very detailed in his judging of the balls.

If not Sportchek...than where?

Balls? Balls? Did someone say balls?


Walmart :roll:

canadian tire sells cfl balls :stuck_out_tongue:

At the moment I don't have any such balls, so when I do go looking I'll get mine Inside Commonwealth Stadium.

there are cfl balls, then there are official cfl balls. The one I bought says cfl, but costs about 1/3.