I just cant wait

to watch this yrs labour day classic between wpg bluegolds and the sask greenwhites :thup:

I'm more looking forward to the bc orangewhites and montreal redbluewhitesilversometimesblacks matchup.

Oh your sarcasm FYB. Your sarcasm. Cryptic but flawless. I must admit, if the Ottawa owner settles for the Ottawa RedBlacks it will be sad day for the CFL in my opinion. Not only that... things could get rather "delicate". The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have often been referred to as simply the "Cats". The Lions have been called the Leos. The Stampeders have often been referred to as the Stamps. Winnipeg as been called the Bombers. I can just see the fur flying when someone calls the Ottawa team the "blacks". Maybe they'll start calling them RBs. Of course that opens up another pandora's box unless Arby's can be silenced by giving them a sponsorship.

I think of a couple far better names than the RedBlacks. That name is just a total loser!