I just can't kick the Ticats when they're down like this....

Somewhere, somehow this is all going to get turned around.

We have good players and good coaches who all didn't just all of a sudden decide they'd forget what the game is all about or how to play it....it's something else and I just can't seem to put my finger on it. If it frustrates us fans, can you imagine how it's frustrating the coaches, management and players?.......it's not like everyone isn't sweating bullets trying to fix the bleeding.

I can't help but feel their pain right now and just can't kick them when they're down.
I don't know very much about the actual "X"s and "O"s of the game admittedly and it leaves me frustrated that I can't even offer up many suggestions as to what's going horribly wrong on the field itself.....but, what I can do as a fan is offer my support and understanding.

I read some of the threads and I totally understand some of the frustration but I don't understand some of the stuff that goes way overboard but people post what they post I suppose. I just can't be a part of that stuff right now as it isn't in me, as I said, to kick 'em when they are clearly down.Does it make better fan than others?....I think not..... I'm just a free thinker as you guys know and I have to listen to my heart. To do otherwise would be failing myself as a fan.

Hang in there Ticats! Things will get better!

I know inside my heart that everyone is trying there very best to find the answers and play well for us all. (like this guy below)


I read some of the threads and I totally understand some of the frustration but I don't understand some of the stuff that goes way overboard but people post what they post I suppose.
Now you know how we feel everytime you press the submit button.

I listen to my brain rather than my heart.

My brain says when you run poor routes, drop passes, under throw, over throw, get blown off the line ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL, arm tackling,dumb, selfish penalties in week 9 there is a serious problem with personnel and NOT just coaching.

With the exception of last week I cant imagine a game which deserves more fan wrath than this one .The organization MUST sit and take it.

You can count how many players who deserve to be on the team in 07 on one hand.imo


We can change coaches every day from to eternity, if the execution on the field remains as horrible as what it’s been the last two games it won’t make a lick of difference.

The Marketing Dept Work their Buts Off this year for What ?

Face it



I am sorry I do love this Team..
I feel Betrayed as a Fan..By the Lack of on Field Effort

Why should I pay over 400 Dollars for seat with no On Field Effort..??

Answer me That ?

Because this team has such a long way to come from, they need to start building for 2007 now, '06 is lost. Every position needs to be reconsidered including coaches and management. Bring in new players and start trying them out now. Don't waste the rest of the season with this uninspired bunch.

I don't think we should kick them when they're down, I think we should kick them OUT when they're down.

Don't waste the rest of the season with this uninspired bunch.
I saw Morreale play his guts out last night....fighting and scraping for every inch......

My point being, if it is true that players are uninspired right now, maybe it might not be a bad idea to start Hitch and Morreale the rest of the season because if any two guys can get their teammates motivated and fired up on the field, it's these two....

They understand the meaning of pride in this city and it can be awfully infectious to others.

It's worth a try anyhow don't ya think?


The guy who complained about never developing QB's because we always had the "old boys club" in DMac wants to start 2 guys pushing 40.

Morreale can play the position but isnt the future, but Hitch is awful out there.

I agree Morreale & Hitch Played hard..
Hamilton Boys Understand..

I think Hitch fills in well all over the backfield on D ....

We're getting banged up ,now Brooks and Barenchea are nicked up.



Boreham looked good last night.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

He can say whatever he wants because he gets....http://www.freefood.com/...and don't you forget it!!!

I think so too.....and yeah, with the injuries, it's good to have Hitch back there stirring up some emotion.
What Hitch has lost in speed (if any), he certainly makes up for in smarts and passion.

hey, can this guy hook me up? i spend a lot $$ for food at the games, where can i get free food too?

Well I see " the gang" is back at it! What are you feeling "really down in the dumps" because your one "constant" (Lancaster) proved once more that himself and his coaching staff can't get the job done?

Must you guys (the gang) continue to pick on fans who have supported the team thru thick and thin? Grow up?

Everyone knows what happened on the field...Only what's more important that didn't happen is the terrible coaching staff couldn't motivate them enough to even make the game look competitive! I don't think this coaching staff has the respect of the players!
(Besides..I still say they fired the wrong guy!)
Now Sask has to wait another week to go back to calling for the heads of Shivers and Barrett :roll:

Ticat fans are still calling for the changes!

Oh we will win the next game at home...then it will be "Oh we are not mathematically eliminated yet...so let's not make a change now and have a jump on 2007)! :roll: :roll:

[quote="Beamreach"]I think Hitch fills in well all over the backfield on D .... ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Did you even see Kenton Keith, and that other RB for the Riders juke Hitch right out of his pants. Now, I know the whole defense played bad, but even Darren Flutie was talking about how Hitch got embarassed on a few plays by Kenton Keith. You want to reward him with, more playing time?

Rob Hitchcock is not playing well, he is constantly getting beat on pass plays and on running plays he is never trying to block the hole, rather waiting for the running back to get to him... even if he makes the tackle (I hold my breath) he has given up 5-7 yards.

We need linebackers that are aggressive, last night our blitzing was terrible and their running stats showed it.

I doubt Hitch will be back next year.