I invite all to read the last page.....

.....coming out of Maciocia's muzzle since Monday.....all about how his team lost the LDC because of their numerous mistakes...."when is Edmonton going to stop beating Edmonton" was one of his quotes......

.....Hey, Danny, you got beat by a better team, face the frickin facts and admit it....Calgary got penalties too numbnuts and Burris threw an ill-timed INT....good teams get over these things and persevere.....just venting here but give credit where credit is due, not your whiny excuses for getting spanked.....

.....and I see A.J. Gass said that the shmoes need to play for Pride this Friday......things are pretty bad when you have to play the Pride card to motivate...

I do not know if you heard Sandro and Burke on the radio just a half hour ago. But Sandro is miffed that Commonwealth Staff turn on the sprinklers of the field! Each time they got him wet. So this time they will both wear speedo's yup and Sandro said they will love his hairy body to boot! They got the idea from that gum commercial in the cowboy bar! Anyway that would be funny! :lol:

I guess it beats him repeating, "I dont know". Sixteen days off, gives the players eleven off, and he comes out with
no different looks. LOL

Poor moses is probably in the hospital because of these guys.

Wow its like someone used Eskie Off just a couple of fans and that is it! Where oh Where is weirdo?

I think they must all be at Eskimo front
office demanding a win.

Moses time and again always said shmoe
fans demand more. LOL

Can Hamilton come to their rescue again??

I think he’s in a hospital somewhere from eating too much crow. He was boasting in the Lions forum with all sorts of bold predictions, and then went to your forum to trash talk as well.

Its guys like supertoe, esk123 and eskimos 32001 that I kind of feel sorry for. They are good posters who are probably shaking their heads.


Good question...running away with his tail between his legs?

I agree with you they were great fans hope they come back!

That is the gayest ad I have ever seen. I can't help but wonder how that is supposed to make anyone want to chew a gum...

Maciocia has as much personality as a whitefish. He speaks like that because he's the son of a politician and he learned that when you don't want to say something, you make substanceless comments. In French, we call that "la langue de bois".

Anyways, think of it... He somehow HAS TO say the Esks beat the Esks. How else could he explain all these losses without showing how much he is to blame.

He seems too afraid to shake things up because he doesn't want to make the mistake that will get him fired. In my book, he's already toasted. Even if he comes back to finish 9-9, the Esks will probably move him out following the season. So he should just leave the stress at the door and coach like a man who has nothing to lose. Add some spice to the gameplan.

But that's the problem with whitefish... It is always tasteless...

admittedly it's getting pretty embarassing.

.....I feel for ya maux, know what its like to be staring a 3-7 record in the eye.....2004 for the stamps......but even then, as much as Dunnigan knew things weren't good he didn't offer this phantom excuse or blame this white elepahnt, he actually tried to make some changes, firing Jenkins as a start.....Maciocia just seems to think that his situation will magically correct itself overnight.....if you guys lose Friday's game and nothing happens personel/coaching-wise then that is crazy, just crazy....

Agree R&W, Like 3rd stated the guys personality basically does this to him. Like his premature celebrations near the end of the game and wham it evaporates when the oposing team scores and beats them. The Milty touchdown was a classic! Really I feel sorry for the Esk fans but this guy I think he deserves what he sows! The Esks lose the next one send him home on a slow bus back to Montreal!

Not sure there's much on our team you would want this year.

But how does two easy wins sound?

Yup, it is getting pretty embarassing. Losing again tomorrow should result in the immediate firing of Maciocca, but... we all know that won't happen. There was an article in the sun a few days ago about how Hugh Campbell wasn't even at the labour day game, but was vacationing somewhere in the US. The entire organization top to bottom is becoming a joke.

Yeah, edmonton got to stop blaming themsevels, aknowlage that the other teams are better, and try to find a way to beat them.

Hmmm, a guy in a Speedo, line dancing in a cowboy bar, advertising gum. Maybe there's some hidden innuendo about chewing on something else. (all together now, "YARGH!")

I just hate the thought of good ole Hairy Sandro in a speedo at Commonwealth Stadium! That will scare the Eskies into a loss! :lol:

....Danny took A,J,'s idea and ran with it...the Pride angle is now good enough to go with now officially.....this is the pre-game motivation tool....play for pride....ouch if you're an EE fan.....