I hope...

...that's the end of people b*tchin' and complaining about losing Gauthier and Goodspeed...they got OWNED by our ends for most of the game yesterday...

I've said this before...Just because you don't agree with a move the Coach makes, and it doesn't pay off immediately, doesn't mean it's the wrong one. I'm lovin' all the young talent on both sides of the ball Mike Kelly and his staff have brought here.

ive done my fair share of criticizing coach kelly but a lot of the stuff he implemented is starting to gel... maybe because of our successes over the past two years we were impatient... and a lot of his players have made big impacts especially some of the more recent ones.. amey, willis, hunt, at this point a lot of the negatives have been washed by positives... i still dont agree with the DA situation but it had to be done.. and it was wrong to hand lefors the team, but weve managed to get onm track at a crucial time which is more than i wouldve ever expected a month ago! good job guys keep it up

One of the reasons Goodspeed and Gauthier looked bad was Hamilton’s QBing (not getting the ball away quickly enough), which was caused by young receivers being shut down (your secondary is solid).

But I will say that Odell Willis was a shrewd pickup by Kelly. He looked better than any of Hamilton’s DE’s.

Amen, Kubie. The only Kelly move I think was wrong was Dinwiddie. It sure would be nice to have a back-up with experience. It may have pushed Bishop to play better, sooner. And , if Bishop gets hurt, we're back where we started.

The OC calls the absolute worst plays also and he doesn't seem to be teaching the OL anything, which makes you wonder if he knows a damn thing about OL blocking. Sick of seeing the same plays over and over. 2 yard shovel pass to cobb, 2 yard run by cobb, punt. two yard delayed pass to Cobb, -1 yard screen pass to Cobb, punt. 1 yard dump pass to Cobb, 14 yard pass dropped by Cobb in triple coverage, punt. Bruce was open most of the night, but when do they decide to throw to him? When he's got three defenders on him and Glenn throws 5 feet over his head. Pro.

....watching Glenn go one way...and Cobb the other, almost oblivious of what was going on, showed confusion .. Just dumping the ball off (favourite trick of Glenns when he panics) showed inept play calling....I thought i was watching the Bombers from the beginning of the year...criss crossing in the backfield...confusion etc. Looking back, i thought this is nutz...it can't work... Now I see glimmers of success with all of the movement, in the backfield...Maybe it will turn out alright...you just have to be patient and practice it more....Marcel :lol:

Bombers are still on life support, with BC, MTL, MTL up next.

Long way to go yet, Kelly will only get cut slack (by many) as long as the team keeps winning.

8 - 10 and a home playoff game last year wasn't good enough remember. Many will not let the Bombers forget that.

....you're right pigseye.....however after the game in the hammer....we are certainly in a lot better position....I don't think this team is through suprising a lot of people....I ...for one under-estimated a few things on this club....After watching the sidelines closely and seeing how this coach and players inter-act....anything is possible...Looking better all the time.. :wink:

Bottom line is the Bombers have beat every team in this league other than SK and MTL. They are proving to be contenders and looked really good against the Cats!

8 & 10 was not good enough when we were coming off a Grey Cup appearance, but when the team has been re-assembled with the youth it has (which translates to "better with time") then I'd be really happy to see an 8 & 10.

I'm hoping to see a split down the stretch. BC is getting better and MTL is looking unstoppable. We'll have to be real good!

I think 8 & 10 was not good enough because 2008 was a talent-laden veteran team that completely underachieved...

8 & 10, I think, would be a fair to good season with this many changes and this many new, young players...