i hope we see you guy's in the wester final

What a game last weekend against my bc lions, to bad we do not play eachother again this year, could you imagine if we were playing eachother this sat again in bc? there would be 45-50 thousand there, anyway hope we will see you in the playoffs expecally in the WF here in bc, hope you guy's host a playoff game would love to see it.

We do play each other again ( in the west final) :smiley: and it will be a barn burner for sure

The location of the Western Final is far from determined. With 6 games to go, BC plays divisional teams four of them. RIght if they lose 2 or 3 of them that opens the door for any of the other teams to leap frog into 1st.

I still thinking the Riders have a good shot at hosting the western final.

I don't know if I'd say we have a good shot.... but it isn't out of reach just yet.
If the Riders go 6-0, all we need from BC is 4-2.
I think 5-1, and 3-3 are certainly possibilities.
So there remains hope.

The main thing is for the team to not concern itself with these issues and just control what they can and win some games.

Amen, Arius.

A Sask/Wpg Grey Cup does not include the BC Lions. BC Lions and BC fans are more than welcome to attend a Sask/Wpg Grey Cup in Toronto 2007. Enjoy your stay in Toronto BC.

Hello dupsdell, I was re-reading my post and yours. My reply was a little crude to your post re meeting Saskatchewan in the Western Final. With Winnipeg playing in the east, we are no threat to BC or Saskatchewan in the Final. Perhaps I can rephrase my comment to read "Would be nice to see Saskatchewan win the Western Fianl with BC so they can play Winnipeg in the Grey Cup. That is of course, if Winnipeg is in the Grey Cup. Anything can happen. My apologies to you dupsdell