I hope we don't want this in Canada

Good on the Bills for cracking down on this. No surprise some of those caught are Canadians. I found the last time I went to a Bills game many years ago there were too many obnoxious kid drunks, vowed never to go back:

Underage drinkers targeted at Bills games


I have always enjoyed my football trips to Buffalo. We usually make a weekend of it and spend the night in Niagara Falls.

The one thing I don't enjoy is the frequency with which small platoons of security guards dressed in yellow have to go into various sections of the stadium to remove disruptive fans. It happens constantly and at every game I've ever attended.

The only place I have seen these problems are in Buffalo. Never seen it at an Argo game. Never seen it in Ottawa when the Rough Riders / Renegades were in existence. It doesn't seem to be a problem with hockey or baseball. At least not the games I have ever attended.

I suppose it's all part of the tail-gate package. Tailgates are great but some people just don't know when to stop.

It's those Bills fans. When I attended a Bills vs. Dolphins game in Miami almost two years ago, Bills fans were getting sloshed before they even entered the stadium. They continued drinking some more while in the stadium. They're the most obnoxious fans (next to Jets fans) that I've come across.

Have a couple beers or drinks, that's fine, but drinking to the point of intoxication can ruin it for people who just want to enjoy the game.

...c'mon you guys, lighten up a little, they live in Buffalo for goodness sakes, if you take the ability to live in a drunken stupor away from them what will they have to survive?!....

Well I stand corrected...The Bills just might move now!! If you take away underage drinkers then you take away about 30,000 fans from the stadium!