I hope this is ok thread.

I was dissapointed with the briefness of the tribute. Just a quick 2 minute brief recap of rons lifecareers, a moment of silence, then on with the game. I expected a lot more.

Very dissappointing.

What were you hoping for?

i heard that they had technical difficulties
with the presentation

What is really bad is that TSN let the Ryder cup roll over their tribute they put together on friday. That is the saddest thing

I was a little disappointed in the tribute as well, but seeing as it's only been a few days it's not the easiest thing in the world to put together.

They probably didn't show it but City Hall downtown had the lights lit up to show "23" and you could see it from the stadium.

I dont know what more I expected, just something....more....

It just left me feeling empty.....sigh

I think the City of Regina name a main street after Ron or a city school.

I just wanted to be part of something, since I couldnt be there in person

That tribute pissed me off. I thought that honestly, it was pretty brutal. When I went I was looking forward to it, because we all know what Ron Lancaster meant and still means to the Riders. But it seemed to be over before it even started.

I guess maybe I wanted something more like a mini memorial service, at least 15minutes long.

I wanted more. This was our last chance too honor Ron Lancaster, and the tribute left me feeling ripped-off,especially because i wanted the younger fans to get a sense of what a remarkable man Ron Lancaster was , and this tribute didn't do him any justice .

They showed it and it was awesome. -10 points for the Rider ‘fans’ (not indicative of real fans) yelling during the tribute. Pissed off me +4 here in Bomberland.

That was Great :thup: :thup:

Kudos to City hall :thup:

As for the actual tribute, how do you celebrate the life of a man who accomplished so much in both Sask and Hamilton? I was moved by both the tribute in Hamilton as well as the tribute last evening. :frowning:


Maybe it would've been better at the end of the game?

Get the game out of the way and then do it...because the intensity of the big game to follow kind of overshadowed the whole thing.

The City Hall thing was great.

I was very impressed with Saskatchewan's tribute, especially considering the short time they had to do it. Hamilton's was equally impressive, just one day after his passing.

I wish we'd had two weeks to prepare something, like the Lions had for Bobby Ackles. But as it was, nice job by everyone involved!

What really upset me were the fans in Regina (not the true fans just the guilty ones) who couldn't keep their mouths shut during the moment of silence. It's like those idiots watching golf who have to shout "your da man" or "in da hole". Are these guys so important that they feel the world needs to hear them over the silence. They may have felt they were shouting to show respect for RL but in fact they did the opposite.

Look for a more moving and longer ceremony honouring him either Oct 19 or Oct 25.

Not sure if anyone else noticed that it took the TSN drew almost a quarter to notice the RL on the 23 yard line.

I though they did a good job considering the time they had to do it in. They also were showing things about Ron on the jumbo-tron during TV time outs that people in tv land would not have seen.