I hope the CFL creates a new Forum too

since this forum has gone down hill for many years as far as performance and ability is concerned I would love to see a new revamped and improved forum.


As per the Commissioners address of this morning, the entire site is getting a major overhaul.

Hope it's more of an "improvement" than the new logo...

if mrx does it, it will not be any good

Not sure what a new forum will change, it is the contributors who make it and you will always have good or bad. Starting a new forum would be akin to putting lipstick on a pig. You will still have.

  • 50% of the people who complain about the refs every game
  • One team that cares enough to bother about winning polls
  • 25% of the people want to fire somebody
  • 50% of the people that are haters and not fans
  • 25% of the people with interesting comments
  • 100% guarantee that every poll will be hi-jacked by someone with an agenda
  • 100% guarantee the privilege of taking part will be abused
  • 50% of the people will of little or no sense of humour
  • 50% of the people will take everything seriously

Don't worry, we'll be forgotten.

On the plus side, we'll be staring at the old logo for the next ten years...

I just want the performance of this forum to be better that's all.

...what defines 'performance' to you though? ....as noted above, it'll still be the same participants...so you must mean something else....

I also thought "performance" and "ability" were unusual choices of measurement for an internet forum.

Perhaps more suited for a racehorse or an automotive engine ... or a linebacker.

Still going through threads of all teams forums and one post I saw from a thread in the Hamilton forum is an upgraded platform of sorts. This poster contacted the CFL head office to find that out. Mainly about the whole CFL forum going bonkers from time to time when trying to post is what I understand.

You forgot the expansioneers crowd...Is it Halifax, is it Quebec City , is it Moncton is it..... :roll:

The HF Hockey Board is terrific. That should be used as an example to improve our site.