I hope the Argos lose

I hope the Argos lose tomorrow, Pinball said they need Damon for the playoffs! DUH youre not going to get that far if you dont play the damn guy! He's been practicing for 2 weeks and hes still apparently not ready? When they lose tomorrow im going to laugh in Pinballs face next practice! I know its not just his fault theres a lot more reasons but thats a big factor and i hope that Wynn breaks his knee or something im sick of looking at his goofy face, McManus at this time last year probably has more rushing yard than Wynn, thats pretty bad.

i hope the argos lose tomorow too. :thup:

if they loose atleast the cats wont be completely left in the dust, though i expect the cats to rebound

Damon Allen, is that you posting? Relax man, mind the blood preasure.

Well of course, I have already got my Grey Cup tickets! :slight_smile:

Your best post ever.

Allen has been runing to stay in shape for 2 weeks but he hasn’t been practising. A broken finger with 4 screws to hold it together on your throwing hand does tend to hamper your ability to throw the ball. It’s a long season. Better to have Allen back healthy for the 2nd half than risk losing him for the year. One of the drawbacks to having a 43 year old QB.

And I know you had your tongue in your cheek when you wished to see Wynn injured (or ANY player injured for that matter). Hey, it’s just a game.

An Argo fan

2 weeks ago vs Winnipeg Damon Allen was throwing at least 20 yard perfect passes, before the game.

Problem with injuries like broken fingers is you can damage them further if you push too hard.

Damon always pushes too much to come back early which you have to admire.

Wise decision to wait .

Well they won but WOOO SPERGON WYNN IS GONE! I was jumping for joy when that Rider player killed him! Good job i hope Spergon is done for the year!

Shame on you! :thdn:

The only injury that I can condone is one of those where the player is pretty much back in playing shape a few hours after the game.

The Wynn injury did not make me cheer, and either sour grapes or bad timing to the one who was looking for Wynn to die. Metaphorically, I hate the Argos, but not at the expense of a player's life or limb. It's a game, not a war.

Well if it took him being injured to get out so be it, and an injury like that means he's done for the year since he wont be back this week and Damon's back the following week, and Flutie might be coming to town! I dont care if Wynn plays another down really! Also stupid that they didnt try to get Bishop back hes more experienced than Wynn and Bishop is not afraid to run, and as a starter he actually won games!

argonauts9, I know you must be young. I'm guessing 9? But seriously, never talk about wishing a player to be injured, especially on your own team. Then when it happens don't gloat about it, especially when it's possibly a very serious head injury.

Also, talking about hoping the Argos lose so you can laugh in Pinball's face is not appropriate for an Argo fan. Pinball knows what it takes to win the Grey Cup, that's what he's shooting for. You can win the battle but lose the war if you don't think longer term than just one game.

If Damon Allen was playing, would he now be out for the season?

Clearly Pinball outcoached you on this one, and you should just suck it up rather than go on and be happy about Wynn's injury.

As I said, I can tell your young and your age excuses you from a lot of things. But please, learn quickly never to cheer a players injury. That type of thing will get you banned from sites and we need all the Argo fans here we can get! :thup:

(I really hate playing the 'adult' role, I usually don't.... but you've gone WAY over the line)

Me sentiments exactly.

An Argo fan

Well said Tuck. That was a very classless and immature statement argonauts9. Respect is something that earned and learned...you're not earning any and you having learned any, obviously.

You cant tell me you like that piece of junk? What is this Spergon himself? Well if it is hows your head? Its his own fault he's hurt, and he has the right to complain all week that the Argos o line blows! Lets see your the one too afraid to run, too stupid to look for the pressure, not smart enough to realize the average QB has only 3.5 seconds to throw the ball not 20, and he has no right to complain? This should be his wake up call for next time he plays.

Ps I'm 19. The 9 stands for number 9, figure who it is or do you need to look it up still?

i'm guessing the argos are hoping that you hope they lose every week. lol

Don’t be a smartass, I have a number 9 jersey myself, but that doesn’t mean I like to see the backup QB seriously injured and the team to lose when I think they should be playing Allen and they don’t.

Sorry to sound patronizing in my last post, I thought you must have been a lot younger and I was trying to get what I thought was a juvenile (in age) to think before he posts, and to at least start thinking of players as human beings.

If you are as callous as your posts seem to say that you are then you’re not going to listen to anything I or anyone else has to say, so I won’t even bother. You already think I’m a huge Wynn supporter or Wynn himself because I took issue with your posts.

Do me one favour though… reread your posts as coming from someone else, but insert your real, full name whereever you have alluded to Spergeon Wynn.

pretty silly post to begin with, but he got his sick wish.

8) Whether he is 9 or 19 doesn't really matter !!! Those comments are from a moron !!!