I Hope Taafe is watching the Riders

Why is it Kent Austin has had Corey Holmes for only a month and has already used a split backfield with him and Cates and it works I just think Taafe is to conventional for the pros....

Ya those 2 divisional championships with Montreal were just a fluke !!!

A big reason why Lumsden has had some big games is because Dickerson, the FB, is blocking for him at the line.

Whoever is playing RB on the Ticats benefits from the blocking of Dickerson. Taking Dickerson off the field in favour of playing two "offensive-weapon" RB's would result in less effective blocking if we were to run, and less effective blocking for the QB in terms of pass-protection, too.

So it was keep Dickerson as a blocking FB, and either play Holmes at RB or Lumsden. And it just makes more sense to start a younger player (who is also Canadian) there if they are both pretty equal, skill-wise.

With a stacked team.

I’d rather have George Cortez or Chapdelain as our head coaches, at least they know what they are doing, the WCO is a junk system for this league.

I agree; Dickerson is at least a good a blocker as Radlein and he is a much better pass receiver. I'd like to see him get the ball on running plays to see what he can do.

Lots of rbs are succesful without a fb in there every play to block. roberts does it, joe smith does it, payton does it. Lots of rbs do it so I think having lumsden and holmes together back there might have been a good idea to try longer than we did.

Well considering our O-line stinks we need the extra blocker as a bit of a handicap equalizer. At this point I don't even know why we keep Radlein. He's lost his job to Dickerson and we have Piercy who also plays on special teams.

At this point I don't even know why we keep Radlein.
Dont worry, I am sure he is aware of the fact that any backup on this team who makes anything above the bare minimum will be traded for someeone who does make the bare minimum.

I think his or the OC's play calling is very suspect.