I hope now Jason Maas..

Can start to call his own plays and get comfortable out there Lets start winning.

Lets hope Ron puts some plays in with the idea of getting the ball in the 15 - 20 yd zones . Lets get some delays across the middle with recievers who are actually moving when they catch the ball . And some throws to the sideline but 10 yds down field not across the field . Terry Vaughn could be open all day long on sieline patterns.

Here's an idea...

When it's 2nd and 8, DON'T THROW A 4YD PASS!

Just might work!

I hope Jason has made his opinions felt about what plays he would like to be sent in.

We don't need to burden him with anything more than executing effctively for now.

Maas calling his own plays!Wow interesting!This will show if he was misguided or just plain bad!His future is on the line this weekend!

our problem has been our play calls. Toronto had the same problem, and look what happened to them.

They gotta start a running game this week, if they do that, they will be fine!