I hope Lumsden Runs over Gass

I can't Stand AJ Gas
I hope we give the ball to Jessie
Then he Runs over the S.O.B.

We Owe him for a hit on Danny a Few seasons back.
I would like us to give him that same in Return
Gas is one of the Dirtiest Players in the CFL
I Can't Stand him..
He is very Smug
it is time that we wipe it off his Face.

Again Edmonton is Taking as Lightly.
I Found this on thier Website :

-Watch the Esks cage the ‘Cats for just $11

(Edmonton) Wednesday, August 8th the Eskimo Ticket Drive Thru opens with a great deal for fans. Buy a Bronze level ticket for the August 11th game vs Hamilton for just $11 without leaving your vehicle!
The Ticket Drive Thru will be open from 6:00am – 6:00pm in the West side parking lot of Commonwealth Stadium (enter from 111 Avenue). Early risers can enjoy free Tim Hortons coffee and donuts while the Voice of the Eskimos, 630 CHED’s Bryan Hall will be on hand for “Hotdogs with Hallsy? in the afternoon. more...

Boys it Hammer Time !!!!!!
Go Cats Go

I really dislike Gass also. Total scum.

Its ok.. a guy like him will most likely end up working at a gas station after his career in the CFL is over.

Im not sure that promotion counts as taking us lightly. How is it any different from our Change of Fortune night, or our Black Out Night. Its a promotion, nothing more, nothing less.

I hope he's suspended.

Yea, maybe he'll start his own and it'll be called
"Corner Gass"

or cheap gass

How about… “A Cheap Shot of Gass”? :slight_smile:

Appearently a Calgary player was mashing Gass's potatoes before he pulled that helmet off.

Perhaps I've missed all the Gass history but what makes him the dirtiest player in the CFL?
Is it because he took a shot a Danny?
Is that it?

"Apparently" ...

He should still be suspended.

It couldnt of happened to a better guy then AJ.made my weekend knowing his berries were getting crushed. I think TiCats could have a berry crushing competion at half time when Edmonton comes to town?

Its just too funny that a guy named "iron balls" made a post like that! HAHAHAHA

i remember the helmet spear on morreale a few years ago and he's tried that one a few times in his career

The Edmonton paper says a suspension is "Nowhere in sight" ... a joke if you ask me.

LOL....that made laugh :lol:

I was about to mention that one, Mike caught a ball and was being held up... AJ came in and speared him in the back. No call.

so a spear in the back and a shot at Dannys jaw , and that's it.

If that's what it takes to be the worse....wow.

Would Jessie have to "step on the Gass" in order to run him over?

Yeah, and I am sure if you asked a Calgary fan, he/she could give you a few more examples.

I would think it would only take a few cheap shots to be labeled a dirty player. I get the feeling Detroit Red Wings fans view Claude Lemieux as a dirty player after just one hit ...

You can say he plays with an edge all you want, but you can't dispute the fact that he has questionable integrity on a football field, especially in the heat of the moment. That football helmet he threw last week could have hit someone and really done some damage.

  • paul

Assuming I saw the correct clip, didn't he throw it to the ground?...after someone punched him in the n.uts?