I hope Joseph signs.

I'm glad Ottawa is trying to sign Joseph. Despite his struggles, I think Kerry Joseph is one of the top QB's in the CFL. Devout christian, good person, huge heart, and never gives up. My type of player, my type of person, and I hope he does well next season. Kudos to Lonie for trying to re-sign him. I just hope they have another capable QB who is ready to step in when needed. 8)

Agreed.... great QB, they just need to get him some protection now. If they do that, he can really shine......

Big bucks though according to team1200, 5 years, $400,000 a year.

Yeah, I think it's a base of 315,000 with performance incentives. So it's not necessarily 400,000 per year

Despite the mistakes Lonie and Co. have made since they got here last year, these recent moves have me thinking of them in a more favourable light. Making locking up Hebert and KJ a priority shows they aren't letting other teams get ahead of them.
I can't imagine these guys not knowing that a winning team brings in bigger crowds, more ad revenue, more buzz!
If they go after free agent talent (O-line, kicker, receivers) the same way come February - they will be well on their way to proving they want a winner.
Only question marks are JJ and Gregg.....

According to the CFL site it is $2 million for 5 years. No other details though. That averages $400,000 a year.

Surround him with a good O-Line and i think he will shine. Won't have to worry about getting nailed before throwing the ball.

After signing Joseph, I think it would be best for the renegades to get a better o-line, and some better receivers. My Esks are deep at receiving and if we re-sign tucker(which we msot likely will), I have a feeling we'll be seeing Kwame Cavil go to an eastern team. Possibly the Renegades...

I as well truly believe that with a better offensive line Joseph can be the enxt Damon allen, he is a very eductaed man and a true athlete, just needs protection and bigger tragets to help out.

With the kind of deals they're giving out now - I cant wait until free agency period starts!! This could get real interesting......I hope the fans realize the commitment they are giving and keep buying those season tickets...