I hope Jason french is ok

That hit was gruesome . It might take a while for him to get over that mentally .
I am not sure I ever sawa anyone get crushed that hard .

Good post.

Even the opposing players showed a real sense of worry. It's nice that when something like that happens that the rivalry can be turned off for a few minutes.

Except the guy who did it. He was jawing off at the camera while French was still on the field. I once heard from a former Ticat that Wheaton is the dirtiest player in the CFL. I'm sure Jason will be fine. He was probably a little confused after that hit, but he looked ok otherwise.

There the worst kind of hits the ones you don't see coming.

It looked like a helmut to the chin, which in the NFL is an automatic fine and likely a suspension. In the CFL, TSN will run it as a "highlight" play for the rest of the year. It could have been a lot worse, and BG is right; Wheaton was gloating all over the place.

I thought the same thing.