I hope for Williams case....he picks it up next game.....

Williams has been here for a few season's now.
And I was more than a little angry at just how "FLAT"
Rick looked behind centre.
After this much time with the Cats...No reason for our # 2 to look and play like he was with a bunch of High School kids. :thdn:
Shape up or move him to the number 3 QB spot.


All players have off nights.... The kid will play back to form....

Robert Pavlovic(49) wasn't doing that well either..

Didnt see Mike Giffen, did he even play?

Apparently he took the illegal block penalty that got the long punt return called back in the 4th quarter (according to Taaffe on CHML after the game).

I don't no about Giffen...Mike perhaps someone else can comment.

Zebo...yes anyone can have a bad night.
I would be the first to say...that without Williams, last years horror show, could have been even worse. But, if after all this time with the Cats, as the number 2, what was that ?
If Printers goes down...we must have a back-up that can lead, when called on.
From what we saw tonight..Williams should be placed at # 3. Let's hope his play against Toronto next week is much more improved.


And that was also according to what was said on Winnipeg radio station CJOB.

And as for the QB situation, Williams may have just had a bad game. And if there is a QB who needs to improve, it sounds like Porter is that QB. And not only because of the interception and becuase he was apparently the one responsible for that convert after the TD not being made. But Chang once again did well in a preseason game against Winnipeg. Porter may need time to adjust to the CFL, and Chang already has experience playing in the CFL. That experience may turn out being the reason Porter might get cut, although it may not be before next week. The team does not to cut a few players before then though.

I don't think Williams was all that bad. He was 4 of 8 so that's not stellar but he handled the running game very well and so produced 1 good drive and one decent one.

We noticed that Chang was given the option to throw immediately on his first play from scrimmage each time. Porter was given running calls on first down each time. This set up very different situations for them.
Porter came in late after Chang looked good. What happened? He ended up forcing a pass trying to look good and so threw an interception.

Next series, he has the option of a 15 yard clean pass on 2nd down but takes the closer 8 yard option and throws a very slow but accurate ball that gave the receiver no time to turn upfield. We ended up kicking.

Next series, he pulls the ball in quickly and runs it himself. Clearly he was nervous.

The situation made it tough for Porter. Need to see the kid again but it just looked like the pressure of performing got him. It was like watching Chang last year.

He is learning a new system and they are still in the middle of camp. Everyone adapts to different systems in different ways and speeds.

He is a gamer.. he will be fine.

sounded to me over the radio that 2 balls williams threw should have been caught.

Between that, and a hoard of penalties, kinda hard to get into a grove for a short playing time. But who knows. Maybe he got bad attitude about Printers coming in and taking over starter automatically. Hope not.

How does a competitive athlete keep a right attitude while knowing going in, that no matter how good you do in camp and pre season, you still going to be riding the pine, just because the other guy getting paid more. No sure I could handle that. Think I would demand, fair shot at starter, or trade me.

Still at it, eh FYB? Your anti-Casey crusade continues.

I couldn't attend the game, but statistically all of the QB's for Hamilton looked roughly the same. Williams wasn't any worse than the others, it seems to me. But stats aren't everything. Maybe he made bad decisions? I don't know, I wasn't there.

One thing noone can accuse Richie of though, is having a bad attitude. I really don't think he is deciding to tank because he's ticked off.

Does no one here realize, Williams played nearly half the game… Printers was in for the 1st Q and Chang and Porter split the 4th, it WAS a bad game for Williams, he was given the bulk of the work and did nothing with it, bad game or not this is preseason games which will make or break you.

Chang looked impressive, albeit against a rookie Bomber team but he did orchestrate the only Cat TD of the game

Porter looked like the proverbial “Deer in the headlights” out there, hopefully he can pick it up next chance.

Keep the competition coming!!!

I think it is what it is. Cats have printers as number one and williams and chang learning behind him. It would be great to see all three this year. A little continuity would be great for all three. If they get along and work together i think really good things will happen. If we can start to argue over who is number 2 or 3 then we know were in good shape. I hope we get to the point where either 1,2,3......we know they can run the offence and win games.

wasnt aware that I made a single anti printers comment here???

I would trade you in a heartbeat.

I think They Keep all 4 QB’s

1 Printer
2 Williams
3 Chang or Porter
Practice Roster:Chang or Porter

Porter got 5 Min’s when had to Protect a Lead.
Not Much Time to Impress anyone.
A 2 Point lead.
He did try Force a Ball Cause he fighting for a Job

The Kid is Learning the CFL is Different Game
He get better
He may have Sit on a Practice Roster abit .

The CFL it good have 4 QB Cause someone is going to go down and need that 4 guy

Sure there is.

New offense and coaches.
Short training camp.
Missing first string receivers.
Missing first string running backs.

No I did not realize he played half the game. I didn't see the game, so his stats sounded ok, not great, but they sounded average. Yeah I guess that is a pretty ineffective half for a qb. Chang sounded like he had an excellent showing. He is the PREseason king, lol. It should be interesting.

Who wins the second or 3rd string title probably depends on what the Cats are looking for.

If Casey goes down to injury in a game, Williams can come in and run the same style offence.
If the Cats want a change of pace QB, I think that Chang brings a little different wrinkle than Casey and Richie.

Chang seemed to see the game and patterns unfold better than the other QBs. His throws were earlier than the other QBs', and that made his receivers look more open than they did for the other QBs.

Exactly. Well said, Mark.

It wasn't the best situation for Porter to come into. As for Richie, he is going to be just fine. Keep in mind that many of our starters weren't playing and these guys are all just getting to know each other. Practice is one thing, but it's different when someone is chasing you down and they WILL hit you. We've had non-contact so far, so you have to expect some growing pains with these guys.

Williams is the #2 and he should be.