I Hope Eakin Does Well

He took a lot of flak when here. A lot of it was because in his first appearance on the field he looked like a worldbeater and then things fell apart.

He did well there before. Odds are good that he can again. Maybe our game doesn't suit him or maybe the situation was just wrong in Steeltown.

Eakin wants to get better? Him and about 28,000 others. :wink:

An Argo fan

Kevin is great Guy I wish him Well.

i wish him luck to.

In Hamilton why is it the backup QB, no matter how putrid his play, will always get the benefit of the doubt there is a good QB hidden in all that crap. But when it comes to a starter they cant wait to run 'em out of town and declare his career over?

Eakin not coming back is great news for Ticat fans.

As bad as Maas was last year, Eakin was ten times worse.

At least now we know for sure that we will see two fresh faces at training camp competing at QB along with Maas and Williams. That new blood and new attitude is what this team needs.

I'm hoping the Ticats sign Spergeon Wynn and a top flight US college QB.

The reason I pick Wynn over Brad Banks is height. I think having a tall QB is important. He can see the field better, and more often than not, can throw the ball farther than a shorter man. Maas, Williams and Wynn all fit the bill in that regard.

I must admit my favorite CFL QBs seem to have one thing in common,
They are all to some degree vertically challenged

At least they went vertical with their passes unlike Jason. :twisted:


I wish Kevin the best of luck, also. :thup:

He has all the skills to be a successful pro QB.
[He almost made the New York Jets 2 years ago.]

He is so very self-confident. He just needs experience.

When things go badly he keeps his composure.
A necessary attribute for a leader.

Losing badly and consistently will do that to you - when the guys on the field can't get it done, you start looking at the bench ...

In the real world you can't do ALL your scouting from the CFL All Star nominee list, or at the Hall of Fame Induction dinner. Sometimes you've got to scout colleges, the AFL, etc. and sign guys that may or may not amount to anything.

For every QB that tore up the league up from the first time they set foot on the field, there are a dozen with solid CFL careers that didn't.

You can argue against giving up on veterans when they hit a rough patch or aren't surrounded by the right talent but, by the same token, how far are you going to get if you give up on every young QB that doesn't put up all-star numbers in his first few starts?

All the best to Kevin. He's a great guy and a very hard worker.

I'd have to diagree with that one. Thinking back over the past couple of decades, very few guys who looked weak in their first year went on to have great careers.

Dunigan was an instantly successful second year starter (and he could not have been expected to displace Warren Moon as a rookie), and when Allen arrived the next year he challenged almost immediately for a starting role. Ham arrived a couple of years later and also looked great from the outset. Mopre recently, Ricky Ray needed very little time to shine.

In Calgary, Garcia and Dickenson both played great as soon as they got the chance. In Hamilton, the only two successful rookie QB's we've brought up in recent memory were Hobart & Kerrigan, both of whom had great results within months of setting foot in Canada. Everyone else has looked second rate from the beginning, and forever after.

Calvillo is the only guy who stands out as being very successful after struggling early, and I still say he had flashes of brilliance during his years here. McManus and Khari warmed a bench for years, but they both backed up some pretty good starters so likely had little chance at moving up the depth chart.

In contrast, I could name countless perennial backups whose reputations promised greatness, but they got cut loose before they ever really established themselves.

So to me, it seems that there is little upside to grooming a young QB for years if he doesn't look promising early on. Maybe I'm overlooking some examples that prove otherwise ... ?

Zontar- the guy wasn't an unknown when he came here. Calling him putrid is just name-calling. Yes, he did poorly HERE. There IS evidence that there may yet be more heard from him. We'll have to wait and see. Here's what the scoop was on him when we signed him.

Eakin, a 6-0, 219-pound pivot finished this season as NFL Europe’s second leading passer, completing 105 of his 180 pass attempts for 1,299 yards and 11 touchdowns in 10 games for the Frankfurt Galaxy. Before turning pro, the 24 year-old spent four seasons with the Fordham Rams where he finished his collegiate career as the school’s all-time leader in passing yards (6,112), touchdown passes (45) and completion percentage (61.5) in 26 games.

NFL Europe is very different from the CFL but it has some great players and the calibre of play is pretty high. He had college success, and he had Pro success. The point is, the guy wasn't a stiff by any means. Other CFL clubs at the time thought the signing looked good as well. Young guy, proven on-field leadership, success at each level he had played.

It just didn't work out here. The CFL doesn't seem to be his style of league. At this level, when the line between the great and the good and the almosts is pretty thin, it's the athletes who can adjust the best to different environments who have careers that last.

As a big fan of Fr-Eakin's, I believe Kevin has SIMPLY suffered from some BAD TIMING in his career.

Anyone who has watched the guy play KNOWS he has all the TOOLS. What he NEEDS most, in my opinion, is QUALITY COACHING ...something he COULD have received in the NFL had he not signed with the Ticats when he did, and IRONICALLY, something he COULD have received from Charlie Taafe this season had he not left for the NFLE.

It is not too late for Kevin to advance his career - I hope, for his sake, that FATE deals him a better hand from this point forward.


Didn't he already tear it up in NFL Europe? Or was it the arena league? In any case, I'm sure he'll do well.

I hope he does well too. I like Kevin Eakin as a player very much. I think he'll do fine in the NFLE, and if that enables him to make it in the NFL, then good for him. That's where all American football players dream of going, and with good reason.

If it doesn't work out that way, Kevin has left the door wide open to a return to Hamilton, and I for one would welcome him back at any time.

He's still a young and talented player, and I think he has very good potential to be a successful pro QB. I don't blame him at all for not wanting to remain a bench-warmer.

Best of luck Kevin.

Maybe he will be back because I don't think MAAS is a long term ti-cat. The qb spot is up for grabs if not we are in big trouble next year.

Personally I think that Eakin is far better than he showed us here last year. After his couple of horrid games in 2006 all I could think of was ... how did the Cats ruin him in such a short period after the promise he showed in 2005.

Given Hamilton's inability to groom a quarterback for how many decades it would be interesting to see how Kevin would have done with Wally Buono and the BC Lions. I think that many posters on this forum would be clamouring for him to come to Hamilton as they are for their third stringer now. As is, I feel he got a raw deal, as did everyone (us included), last year from the performance of the coaches on down. It seemed that after the Montreal game on July 20th, the whole team went for a brain and intestinal fortitude dump. They gave up even trying. 1-17 was so much easier to watch than the 4-14 we experienced last year. I had never left a game early until last year and there were a few last year.

I wish Kevin well in the 2007 NFL Europe Season and hope that he does shine as he did once before. Once their season is finished I hope he returns to the Cats where he will be nurtured to become the QB of the future that we have sought for so long.


I too hope Kevin Eakin returns and shows us better stuff.
I know he can probably work harder at the game,get stronger and smarter with better coaching.

Well Said :thup:

This article does nothing more than "confirm" what was discussed last year when he asked for his release!

I too wish Kevin well! I hope the Spec. will keep us updated on his progress.

I actually think Eakin is a head of his time, our boys just need to catch up.