I Hope Dimwittie Shows Up Sunday

I hope the Winnipeg QB, whatever his name is, can somehow put on a good enough performance to make the Grey Cup interesting.

I hear he was a hot shot in American university football, but that doesn't mean much up here. As witnessed by the countless Heisman trophy candidates and college superstars who have gone bust.

So for the viewers of the game on Sunday, I hope this guy can keep the game interesting. Maybe complete half his passes. No dumb plays. No panicing in the pocket. And have the defence and special teams get him the ball in good field position.

But if the Roughriders can score early and rattle this guy, it could make for an ugly Grey Cup. Then again Khari Jones is still on the roster, isn't he?

the name is ryan dinwiddie, the best QB Boise State has ever had.

come on berezin, he has been the bomber back up this year and last, has a more then outstading NCAA record, and played pretty good when he stepped. he knows that us fans have his support and beleive in him. and he looks determined more then anyone i have seen in the team.

although he knows the playbook all out, we need to keep it simple run the ball alot and force the defence into towards roberts and open him up to some passing.

Maybe it's just me, but ran is a funny name.

the best QB Boise State has ever had.
Isn't that kinda like being the best pineapple ever grown in Saskatchewan?

Exactly right about that. NCAA performance often means diddly squat in the pros. Dinwiddie may very well be in over his head in the biggest he'll ever play. Lets hope not.

It's going to be a tough row to hoe for the Bombers.

That's a good one, Artie.

I think we all hope that Dinwiddie can get the job done (very nearly) and make the game exciting.

Good luck to the Bombers!
Looking forward to drinking a few pints with all your misbegotten fans this week in Toronto....

it is as simple as this

“whatever doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger”

SASK stop worrying about our QB what you really gotta be worried about is this guy

[url=http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmBJhfiq_Xs&feature=related]http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmBJhfiq_ ... re=related[/url]

I just hope The Rider players think like their fans do.

If thats the case, sure will be a blowout all right...

Especially when the Bombers are crowned 2007 Grey Cup champions.

Dinwiddie will show, he has no choice. I've seen him play a decent game against the Lions. He'll be fine as long as he can hand off to the RB without fumbling.

And if that does happen, he better not break his arm..

I dont even want to hear the name Cliff Kingsburry

sorry bout the "ran part, just me anbd my bad keyboard skills, i ment ryan and fixed it already. and i agree that college means nothing in the pros, but it does show that he has the ability to play good football and he hasn't done all that bad when he has been giving the chance to play.

I guess we can be happy Glenn did not get hurt four weeks ago. At least now it's just one game. I can remember a back up called Sean Salisberry coming in the Grey Cup and winning it for us. He ended up in the NFL (bad word). Don't like our chances though.

Remember when Doug Flutie was injured at the Labour Day Classic against Edmonton. The back-up came in, no one knew him,,kept wanting to call him Jerry Garcia..'cept is name was Jeff G..and the rest is history. Stranger things can happen.

Anybody see that sack on Jarious Jackson in the BC/SSK game when, I think it was Chick, came at him full speed head on and just hammered him to the ground?!?!?!?

Jackson was like a deer in headlights. He saw the sack coming right at him but did nothing to change his fate.

Anyways, if Dinwiddie takes a few of those hits he might not be playing the whole game either.

It will be a good game though. I think Dinwiddie will be better than people expect and look like a starter should.

It'll be pretty cool to see him come in, take control and be the story of the game.

If CR has a good day running with the rock, all Dinwiddie has to do is have an average game and this will give the Bombers at least a chance to win, also of course if the D plays decent.

There is no way that the Riders should take Dinwiddie lightly. The Bombers still have a great team, with star players to worry about. Do the names Roberts, Stegall, Armstrong, Walls, Canada, Brown, Simpson, Hebert and Westwood ring any bells? If the Riders want to win, they have to play their A game. All Dinwiddie has to do is let his receivers make plays and get the ball to them, or have my fellow Riders fans forgotten about what Jackson and Simon did in the 1st place showdown at TF in September.

GC experience greatly favours the Bomber players and their coaches, even with a raw rookie at qb.

.....the Bombers 'o' line is better than the leos..the protection will be there...Ryan has to, quick release, like Glenn....I would say ,he's also more mobile than Glenn ...Can he get the job done.......We'll see...he sure has the grit and determination...go Bombers...

Reading Sambo's post makes me feel better. Dinwiddie might be an unknown factor but Joseph sure is not and there is the difference. Just hope they don't shorten the field to the Calvillo - Cahoon range of 5 yards on every pass. He threw a long one but 75% of the success was due to a fantastic catch by Armstrong.