I hope Charlie does not read this forum......

Some extremely nasty things have been uttered on this thread about Charlie Taafe in the past couple days.Its called “rush to judgement”.
I would hope some of the worst offenders will step up and apologize now that he has explained his side of the story.

Thats nothing new. It's easy for people to bash GM's coaches, players and such from behind a computer monitor with an alias.

It's the culture now a days.

It's also fair to understand why people felt betrayed. Every comment made lead towards him leaving. So the fact he is staying is shocking.

scotty: I was sure he was gone too.

Again, Charlie is the one that owes the fans an apology for putting us through this gong show. He could have washed this whole mess away by just saying clearly 'NO' to whatever initial offer was past his way. This mess is nobody but his fault. The handling of the mess could be the fault of others in the organization.

So was I. I never felt the need to bash him and utter insults. I said before and still feel the situation was handled poorly.

So what there was a leak? I dont have a problem with what Mitchell said as much as I have a problem with Charlie interviewing with a reporter in WV stating he was going over his situation.

Anyone really believe he didn't try to work his way in UWV?

Obilovich himself after talking to him said it was 50/50

No appologies required by fans AT ALL.

I totally reserved my opinion or judgement on this matter until it was confirmed by Charlie himself, I for one never wanted Charlie to jump ship and am glad he is staying, the press release really makes me feel Charlie really does want to forge ahead and help build us a championship team.

I'm once again looking forward to the upcoming seasons. Hopefully the bandwagoners will step up and apologize.

There are no apologies required by anyone. Everyone just needs to leave this behind.

The UVW "deal" did not work out (we'll never know what truly happened, there is too much spin out there). So, in the end, Charlie stays here. Get the ticket drive going again.

Actually, I sincerely hope Charlie DOES read this forum. He’ll be reaping what he has sown, and he’ll begin to realize just how disappointed TiCat fans are. Time to reinstill some confidence in the fans, Chuck.

One of whom has at least 7 usernames...

And yet THAT still does not stop the "It's all Charie's fault" enthusiasts. What ever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty?

Nobody was charged...except Peters and Zamperin trying to reach him and leaving messages on his voicemail. That will be on their next cell bill. LOL


I will truce this now. I like NFL Network programing and I'm glad they have only gone as far as "Romo and Jessica in Cabo" as a soap opera angle lately. This topped that in terms of Canadian content.

Oski Wee Wee,

Let's not pull that 'innocent until proven guilty' tactic here. That applies only in a court of law. O.J.was not 'proven guilty' in a court of law. Does that mean that I must go through life proclaiming his innocence?

Look, this whole situation has been handled badly. By whom??? I'm really not sure.
What I do know is that things were happening behind closed doors. If that were not true, then some definitive statements would have been made several days ago. I certainly don't blame Bob, Mitchell, or Obie. I think they were cast into a situation they had to get a grasp on before they could take any definite steps.

If there is fault, and there is, because none of this just happened out of the blue, then I can only surmise that Charlie is the culprit. Granted, he stumbled onto a situation and an offer of sorts that forced him to do some serious thinking about his future. Somebody, somewhere, got wind of the situation and blew it up. And, somebody, somewhere, could have opened this up to scrutiny a couple of days ago.
I think the whole situation gained unnecessary momentum, and wasn't stopped.
Now it's over and we can move on. But, don't anybody try to tell me that there was absolutely no truth to the story.

I for one can not believe that Charlie still has a job here. I am part of this community and feel he has greatly disrespected it. Folks he said he needed to "sleep on it". To be honest I've never been a coach T fan and believe he should have been given his walking papers in November. If he brings this team to a playoff berth I'll gladly eat crow, but to say anyone should be happy and owes this 'turn coat' an apology is utter nonsense.

Charlie tried to bail out,,,,Things didn't work out now he claims Hamilton is the only place I want to coach.... Charlie is a moron and a liar.....

Zebo: You sure have a short memory. Mitchell made the opening move in this fiasco by telling Charlie he may be gone.

Let's be realistic here, after a 3-15 season which saw 2 players (one of whom is a strong figure in the community) going home for "personal reasons" and a new GM coming in Charlie would have more than expected to be under the microscope. Ask some of our former players about job security with a new GM coming in. When new management takes over at any job they take a good look at who deserves to be employed and who doesn't. Can you honestly say that Charlie should have been guaranteed a job based on his performance last year?? If you can I'm glad you aren't the GM. I liked what Charlie had to say, but I'm less than convinced right now based on last season.

Zebo: Enough of this! You sound like a spoilt child. Its over. Get over it.

(Wilf) If there is fault, and there is, because none of this just happened out of the blue, then I can only surmise that Charlie is the culprit.
I wish things were different Wilf, but its difficult to ignore the obvious. We can't blame Charlie for thinking seriously about his future in view of his past in the 2007 season.

I think he was trying to secure a WVU job or leave himself an escape hatch if things failed in Hamilton.

Doesn't this guy carry a cell phone?