I heard of sour grapes before but WOW!

I stumbled across this...the ultimate in sour grapes

It was titled Grey Cup Champs*( note the ASTERIX)

This hurts so bad right now and to make matters worse is that Montreal did not win this game the Riders blew it. Montreal did not win or did they deserve to be called champions. Yes the Riders did have 13 men on the field but that did not cause Duval to miss a field goal and had no impact on the play. But they call it anyway and he gets to move 10 yards closer and win the game. Also there were 0 seconds on the clock and the game should have been over.

Enjoy your tainted Grey Cup Montreal we all know who the real champions are.

Here is my favorite part
Sorry this Grey Cup is a joke and Montreal did nothing to deserve it. I was also sick when Duval celebrated after he kicked the winning field goal. News flash Damon you just had the worst game of your career and you act all happy. Also the Montreal players were celebrating in front of the Riders and that shows a lack of class and disrespect toward the Rider players who should have won that game.

Whoever posted that is the definition of a sore loser. What did this guy expect the als to do once they won? wait calmly on the field until the riders all shuffled off into the locker room before celebrating? Absolutely not! They did exactly what hte riders did when they thought they won. Just about the only thing I agree with is his assessment of Duval’s play that game.

Going by the logic this guy is using with the penalty it is completely acceptable to grab anyone other than the ball carrier by the face mask and throw them to the turf because it did not impact the play. It is also acceptable to grab ahold of a players jersey for his entire route as long as the QB doesnt look in his direction because it wouldnt affect the play. Penalties are penalties and the riders shouldve known better

Where did you find that post?

Some fans are like that. They can't accept a loss easily. Think of it as a stage in mourning.

Glen Suitor said after the game that if any of 10-12 plays had gone differently the outcome would have been different. It wasn't just the penalty, it wasn't just the last play.

Other fans called for the heads of all coaches and managers and especially the 13th man. A lot of our fans go overboard.

Well like mada said, some people are just sore losers. It's people like this who you can't have an intelligent football conversation with (much like roarlionsroar who talked all that trash and disappeared after Montreal spanked BC). When their team wins, they were the better team. When their team loses, they are still the better team but were cheated. It's a shame really considering there were a few Rider fans who were good sports and congratulated the Als.

Forget the haters. They can whine all they want, but WE ARE THE 2009 GREY CUP CHAMPIONS. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Man You picked the single one in that whole thread that was like that. You nicely skipped the 30 or so that called him a moron and said the Als won fair and squared and deserved the win. Way to in selectively quoting. And you call Herb Z what again?

Your point?

The fact that all the others called him a moron is irrelevant!
The thread is about "HIS" post(which I believe was the Title post,) and not the response to it.

Starting a thread to claim that the Als championship is a fake is really low. Just like calling Montrealers "Frogs", Throwing beers on defensless women and her kids in minus weather, Wanting to stuff a Buritto in AC's face and on and on. Nothing wrong with calling them on that kind of stuff.

That is just, you said them ... The way iread the is one retard post this comment 99% of the Riders fan slap him and tell hi
he is a moron. But still in your mind it is them. Just saying it Ames one idiot to make all the others look foolish. That applies to us also ALS fans.
Now there is no question the guy is a first class moron or retard.
Just don't put all Riders fans in that same boat.

I never said “them”
I said

I never said it was a rider fan either

Here is another beauty from an Argo fan that was in Calgary

This mellon head sitting beside us yelled 13thman all game as well as racial comments about French Canadians and cry Stamps. Soon as the game ended my wife yelled 13thman in his direction as he cried. Karma.