I have to thank Maas for a few things...

  1. Never in my life have I seen a Quarterback throw a 3-yard BOMB! After seeing Jason Maas' spagetti arm... I've seen a 3-yard bomb!

  2. I didn't think it was possible to watch a professional Quartberback fail to throw a spiral for an entire game. 3-yard bombs don't count. The ball hasn't travelled far enough to tell if it's spiralling! :lol:

I cringe when I see him atempt to throw the long ball. Not only is it pathetically underthrown... I've never seen footballs wobble that badly in my life.

Go 3-yard bombs!!!

Thank you Jason for giving me the chance to see these wonderful things.

How about Michael Bishop? He can throw the 80 yard perfect spiral bomb. He can't do much more but he's probably available next year.

Actually I noticed that his 3rd interception was a very nice spiral.

it really was too...

the first not so much....

i think i've through wiffle balls with less wobble on them

Espo... I've thrown hammers with less wobble! LOL

This is the PERFECT THREAD to mention, AGAIN, that the person/people RESPONSIBLE for CHANGING the DAMN FOOTBALL should be FIRED !!!!!!

I have seen MANY POOR LOOKING throws from many different QB's this season ... it is not just Maas throwing ducks this year ... and until SOMEBODY can CONVINCE me OTHERWISE I am certain the NEW BALL is at the root of many a poorly thrown ball ...


this is true. on those two over throws (peterson and Vaugan) it looked like the ball took off a little more than it should have, half way to the receiver.

I guess you’ve never seen Eakin throw a ball before. It makes Maas look REAL good, hell it makes a 3 year old look REALLY good.