I have to say thanks

I just wanted to say thanks from my son and I. I just got in (2:12 am) After my ride home and it was a night we'll treasure forever.

How great are the fans of the Hamilton Ticats? How about when my son and I were approaching the ticket window to purchase our tickets an older gentleman asks me if I want a pair for free. He tells me his daughter was in an accident and could not come with his grandson so he thought he would still come and see if someone with a child could use a pair. I am a little caught off guard and say thanks several times say and ask if she is alright and he assures me she will be and he walks away. Not that's just plain awesome.

We went in and handed our bag of food to the folks collecting the for the food drive and then went to go to our seats. One of the game crew asked if I needed help finding my way and then pointed me in the right direction.

We grabbed some foog which contrary to what I heard was delicious and no where near as expensive as say the A.C.C. My son just keeps repeating the word awesome and pointing at various things in and around the stadium.

To top it off the game itself was terrific.

Thank you so much sir whoever you were for the tickets in section 9 row 42 seats 36,37. They'll be going in my son's scrapbook with a huge smile!!

Now if it only was Labour Day instead but oh well, it was sensational none the less.

I hope Printers, Burris and the Calgary Coach all get well soon. That was a whale of a game!

Pardon the typos it was a three hour ride in each direction, my thanks again to everyone

WELL!!! im glad it was great! im soo happy you got to see the GOOD side of us when we won and the maby a little roudy :slight_smile: il thank YOU for leaving "us" such a message:)

Thanks for sharing your experience Rev. Clark!These are the type of stories that build "fans for life".

Not lost in your story was the bond that you will have with your son!

We couldn't make the game last night but I "taped it"! Our tickets were used by a Legion member and 3 young cadets.

They also had a wonderful time and a front row seat to a great finish! WTG Ticats!

It all goes back to my own Dad. He took me to the old forum to see the Red Wings and then of course to Ivor Wynne to see the Ticats. It is a fantastic place to see a game. I would love to see it kept up but if eventually it cannot be I will go to a new stadium in Hamilton because of the people and the team.

My thanks again to the people of Hamilton, the management and team, it was great!

Thank god they won last night. aha if they would have lost chances are you're son would have had some nice sware words he could have wrote down in his scrapbook.

Believe me TristanClovis37, God was indeed thanked and no swear words would go in the scrapbook regardless, that would be kind of an occupational hazard so to speak,considering what I do.

It was truly a great time and I thought the fans really helped the team out! I don't know when I will be able to go again but last night would be really hard to top. I think I am going to see what I can do about maybe going to Labour Day next year.

I have told my son about the couple of times I have gone on Labour Day and I said there is nothing like it. After last night he'll probably find that hard to believe.