I have to admit I am becoming disenchanted

Every year it seems we put the same product, or at least the same results on the field. I am not trying to be negative, I am just becoming discouraged. I have little hope for the current team, we may sneak into the playoffs only because one other team besides Montreal plays worse then us, which as it stands right now would have to be T.O.

I watched the game yesterday and found myself not caring, it was the same movie played over but with different actors. That at times I was cheering for Harris and some of those bombs that BN was tossing shows that the ROOT ROOT ROOT factor is waning.

My HT flag won't be coming down just yet, but maybe I won't raise it quite as high.

Also still waiting for the score board to light up with our latest trade acquisitions too, I guess the "super star" factor wasn't part of the trade.

Look up "Connie Mack" and how he ran his Philadelphia Athletics...

This seems to be the unspoken "theory" on how the Ti-Cats are run since the end of the 2003 season.

Would have been nice to try something different, like maybe give collaros or Manziel a start, just to see if it dramatically improved things.

But you're right, same old with this team for 18 years except for a glorious 2 year stretch.

My interest is waning in this organization, mainly because they don't seem interested themselves.

They probably felt like the below along with Dane Evans.

They are the on bye week this week, normally I say "that sucks" because I don't get to watch them play, but I actually find myself saying "who cares".

This team has never been a dominating force in the CFL for as long as I can remember, 20 years at least I would say. Calgary has been dominant for how long now, 15 years? Who fears playing us? There was about 10 years ago when other teams feared our D because we hit so hard, knocking out opposing players left and right (remember them complaining about low hits), but that is the last I can remember.

First half of 2015.

8)How very true !!

Back in the 60's this team was the most feared, hated and respected team in the entire CFL.

Those good old days are now just faint, distant memories, probably never to be seen again :-[ :-[

Couldn't agree with you more. 8)

I bleed Black and Gold, so I am with the team trough thick and thin and thin and thin and thin...

The ownership have brought the fan back to the Stadium to watch the game.They brought a new stadium with help from the city and Panam group to Hamilton.But year in and year out we let important players go.We like to keep the players that make less money and not win games(but they make the ownership money because as fans we keep going back hoping). It is very hard to see other players on other teams that we had making plays like they are ,CJ Gable look at the yards he is racking up.We traded for and had Hughes and gave him up for players that we don't even have anymore and like how many sacks do are defensive end have.We gave up on Davis and he is playing very well in Calgary.We need to better management going forward to bring back pride to this team.Aug 23 is the next home game and I am very sad to say I'm not looking forward to the game first time in years.Also where are the cheerleaders that just show how cheap we are getting as a franchise.

I have to agree to with tabbyfan.

Never seen a team play with so little passion. It seems like they just don't care whether they win or loose.

Can't see the Ticats winning another game this season. Even when Montreal arrives on November 3, I'm sure Manziel will be playing a lot better.

Oh well, looking forward to watching the Western Mustangs in U Sports, the NFL, and CFL teams other than the Ticats play. As a born and raised Hamiltonian, its just too sad to see what the Ticats have become.

Don't say that on this forum the Mazoli Stans will be all over you. ;D

Very passionate words here. I feel exactly the same way. I'm a season ticket holder for life and I will always be at the games, but my heart sinks a little more with each loss and each season. It's been disheartening to see Bob Youngs dream so delayed.

Hey Garney. Happy to hear that through thick and thin you'll still be there. Hang in there it will be sweeter.

You can say you aren't on the list of those that threaten to boycott when there's a rough patch. (I doubt any of them actually boycott)

I don't know how old you are but I for one don't have to look my kid in the eye one day and say "I skipped a season cause I was mad they hired (or wouldn't fire) such and such...."

I'll be there regardless of owner/president/gm/HC/offensive assistant/QB....etc.

That's because we die-hards anchor the team. Sure when the Cats suck then we protest by quarreling on the forum over who to blame. But ultimately we show up to every game wearing our jerseys with pride.

The trick is how to keep the casual or fairweather fans engaged. Usually that can be solved by having a winning culture. Everybody wants to be associated with a winner.

I figured the majority of boycott threats on this forum are just that. You don't be so passionate that you come debate on a message board then actually boycott. It's like a way to tell management you're upset in hopes that you'll get what you want.

Kinda weird if you ask me. Never seen a GM make a chance and then cite "well some kid on the team message board said he'd boycott if wedon't do x"

Old enough to remember Youngs first ticket price increase in 2006

The biggest site meltdown pre-West Harbour or Briles.

Site was riddled with "I have been a season ticket holder since ...and I regard this as a slap in the face and an insult, boycott, not renewing blah blah"

Despite the fact the team had been in far worse straights on more than one occasion during the time span they boasted.

Of course the price increase came and there was no discernable impact on fan numbers.

From then on I disregard any boycott threat that begins "I have been a season ticket holders since.." as complete bollocks.

First of all I like to commend all the Ticat fans who stick with the team whether they win or loose. You are great fans, and probably really good people (definitely better than me:-))

I love the Ticats too, and the reason I'll stop watching them is because seeing them loose, playing without passion, making bad decisions, and having no control over it, just makes me sick and sad. Who wants to be sick and sad:-)

One of the reasons I enjoy the CFL is watching the young Canadians play and develop. If they were playing Mercer Timmis I would watch them play even if they were loosing. With Dan Petermann from McMaster coming on in Winnipeg, just imagine if the Ticats drafted Petermann instead of Chapman. I would watch the Ticats loose if they were playing and developing a Canadian player like Petermann.

Coach June Jones is a very good and a very loyal man. His loyalty to Masoli over Manziel however I think was a bad decision. I would watch the Ticats even they were loosing if they were playing and developing a player like Manziel. At least Manziel plays with passion. Although Masoli is a more skilled player now, I still think Manziel has more upside. At least there would be hope. Look at the upcoming schedule, who do you think the Ticats can beat?

Oh well, when Coach Jones retires to barefoot golfing in Hawaii, and coach Steinhauer takes over next year, maybe things will get better.

Yup same old cats !the only thing that was exciting with a Sense of fan interest was #2

This team has been on a downward spiral ever since the last Grey Cup win in 1999. For those who think Austin's 2 good years were special...they were not. He inherited a pretty good team and then ran it into the ground.
The only highlight that sticks with me is when Obie ("better is better") was GM. But he was not around long enough.
Instead of "better is better" we now have "we'll make do with whoever is available". There is no urgency to improve.
I have stuck with team through thick and thin since 1961. That won't change but the way things are now, I see NO vision for the future. I just can't get interested enough to go to any more games.
The best move this team can make right now is to make Orlondo HC and take it from there.
All we are doing right now with June Jones is wasting time. He was a Band-Aid solution for last season but the Manziel, Masoli and Collaros situations this season have been all been head scratchers to me.
So here we are with yet another wasted season in terms of being a competitive team.