I have the perfect quaterback plan.

Okay so, I think Jarious Jackson or Casey Printers starter, then after those 2, Buck pierce would be a back up QB for the 2, then trade like zac and lulay for Bishop on Winnipeg, so we would have, Jarious, Casey, Buck and Bishop. I don't mean do that this season, but that would be nice, but for next. But I think thats a pretty killer QB line.


who's will be willing to go on the practice roster?

Omfg Bishop? He's even worse than the Joseph talk. I suppose next people will want to bring in Lefors.

I take it you weren't there tonight watching Buck throw down against the Riders.

Ok we now have 5 qb in our system . And you think that trading for another vet is a good idea. If anything they would probably trade one of the veteran QB'S in Buck or Jarious before they trade their younger qb prospects.As of right now Buck did a pretty good job tonight.

Yeah, you guys are right, lets not get bishop. I think we should keep the qb's we got now, but trade zac.

Seriously who would want a QB that is 5th on the depth chart on BC's roster. I think people are smoking a bit too much ganga there.

I can see Pierce being traded, in the off season and Wally keeping JJ, Printers and Lulay.

The biggest problem is you have 3 QB's that want to be starters. Only one can start. A team is not only built by starters, but by people who are content with back-up rolls. Not content to be a back-up their whole career, but someone who is willing to learn and work his way up into a starting position. (I know there are players that are just happy to have a job in the CFL, but I like to think they all work hard.)

Yup, somebody will be moving on in the offseason. I'm sure we'll keep Lulay and Champion as backups for a while as they still need some time to mature a bit before starting.