I have the CFL rosters for Madden!!!

Haha no I dont actually, I just want people to read my post. But it’s PS2 related. Im sure we’ve all played Madden before. But has anyone here played the NCAA version of it? I was in Seattle last Sunday for a Mariners game, and afterwards we ran by the mall there. I picked up NCAA Football 2006, for PS2. I got it because a) Madden 06 isnt due out for another month yet, and I’m an impatient guy, and b) because they dont sell it in Canada.

I wonder why they dont sell it up here, because it’s a great game. Im so glad I bought it. It’s exactly like Madden, but CFL fans would probably even like it better, since NCAA has a few more “CFL style” rules to it. Their OT is exactly the same(my first ever game was with Tennessee, against University of Florida, and it went to OT. It’s so pimpin), you only need one foot in bounds, and it’s only a 25 second playclock. And the football has the white stripes around the ball, like in the CFL. It also has a Sports Illustrated newspaper in it for every week in your dynasty, and a Top 25 poll that constantly changes. I’m addicted. I’m not even sure I wanna buy Madden 06 anymore, or at least not for a few months. I’m pretty looked after. I can’t believe they dont sell NCAA in Canada…

–Oh, another thing NCAA has it totally pimpin is Stadium Pulse. If you play in a stadium known to be deafeningly loud(ie. Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Tennessee, etc…), you can actually psyche out the other team’s players, which results in illegal procedure or delay of game calls sometimes. You hit L2 to pump up the crowd, and if you’re playing two player against somebody, his control will start shaking like crazy(if he’s the road team). And the screen starts jumbling around too. You can see the receivers and QB looking all confused, they kinda move around a bit. And you really rattle the freshmen receivers if they play in a loud, traditional stadium like that. They’ll drop balls sometimes. Its a really cool feature, it really makes home field advantage huge.