i have renewed and am opptomistic about playoffs this year a

Finally i renewed yesterday was going to just never got around to it but for the great price of 125 how can u go wrong beers burgers in the back yard good friends = GOOD TIMES and i say were playoff bound what about u

I say it's not likely if obie keeps this sluggish attitude up. We need more players, better players quickly, every other team in the CFL is bringing in talent galore and we're just sitting here signing 1 guy a month. CMON OBIE!!! GET MOVING!!!

Are you seriously worried because teams are 'announcing' players that you have never heard of, were camp bodies in previous seasons or haven't played a down in the CFL???

Just because the Cats havent sent a signed contract into the league doesn't mean they don't have players coming in.

nobody said anything about sending contracts into the league, it's not the league that announces player signings, it's the team.
you're just impatient, trust me he don't care what it looks like from the outside, they'll have 70 plus players just like ever other team come the end of june. remember, it's not about what you want. find something to occupy your time and get off obie's a#$.

city legend

I Rewened but I am still Skeptical of what team will do in 09
There no where near the Top Teams of Calgary Montreal and BC..
That Montreal win was Fluke and we all know it..
Cause when Montreal we got killed..

I think in Middle with Edmonton Saskatchewan
we played both these teams to wire.

I think Will better Then Toronto or Winnipeg..
Both are rebuilding and will be fight just say out of CFL East Basement.
well not a top Team yet but it will come

So then being optimistic about a playoff shot is far off… From what you are saying there is a solid chance at the playoffs if everything goes how you say it will.

You are seriously all over the board with this team.

I think the far and away best team is Calgary. Nobody else is quite in that league. Montreal is also excellent, but increasingly reliant on aging players.

BC is not going to be the team it was last year unless they magically discover new talent. They've taken a step down.

Saskatchewan looks quite thin in terms of its roster, and better hope that they have the same magic chemistry from the start of last season.

Edmonton looks improved, but still seems a little thin in some spots. I think they could definitely leapfrog SSK and BC if everyone stays healthy.

I think both Toronto and Hamilton could put on a great performance this year. I think that basing your predictions on their performance last year is very foolish, but we'll have to see. Let's just say that I think both could be good enough to prevent a crossover this year. Hamilton still needs help on both lines - I think they've got some very promising options for D in camp, and I think they'll nab Rottier in the draft to help on O. But the QB situation is stable now, and the DB/LB corps looks very solid. The Argos have added some great talent, combined with great pickups they nabbed in the last third of last season. They still need help in the defensive backfield and at wide receiver, but they also have some of the best prospects I've seen signed this year for those two areas. I think the east will be significantly stronger this year, and the west noticeable weaker (except CGY)

Winnipeg looks atrocious, simply atrocious.

But we'll soon find out how right/wrong we are.

Based on that, when Tom says we'll be better than Toronto or Winnipeg, not only will we make the playoffs, we will HOST a playoff game.

thats my hopes exactly its been to long since ive sat at ivs to watch a playoff game actually think it was 99

You need to relax a bit with the demand of player signings.

WIthout Google-ing the player name or reading the team's press release, you tell me what you know about Patrick Afif. If you can tell me anything more than where he played last year, I will be astounded.

95% of the player signings you see between now and training camp aren't going to be difference makers. Chances are they will little more than training camp fodder. For every Prechae that is unearthed, there are the 10 other receivers the Tiger-Cats cut last May. There is a reason they are free agents. Whether it's because of skill, age, size, salary demands, or whatever reason.

If you want Obie just to sign people for the sake of signing people, give him my phone number because I too am an unrestricted free agent.

  • paul

I don't know if I completely agree with the "free agents for a reason" bit, but I do agree that getting stressed about signings at this stage is really not worth the aggravation. I'm an Argos fan myself, and seriously, of all the rookie FA guys we've signed I doubt that more than eight of them will really be capable of making the roster, and not all of them will. Lots of these guys are going to be nothing but camp fodder - including Mr. Afif.