I have noticed a trend.. a good one.

I have noticed a trend over the last decade or so with the Ti-Cats.. they like French-Canadian players.

Eric LaPointe, Pascal Cheron, Phil Gautier, Gagne-Marcoux, Robichaud etc etc. Plus 2 of the 4 guys we drafted this year are French-Canadian.

Great to see so much talent coming out of our own nation. Really shows how much Quebec could easily support 2 CFL teams.

3 of 4 are back-ups and special team guys.

Is the trend Quebec born players make good back-ups?!

Gagne-Marcoux will start this year. Trust me.

Which nation is that?

Quebec is a hot Bed of Football
The Rouge-et-or (Red and Gold) Have One of The Best Teams in Canadian Collage Football (CIS)
This has been for the past 5 years or so .

No wounder we are draft there so Much
That a no Brainer go where the Talent is

umm.. our nation is called Canada.

you OK?