I have not given up on Vernon Anthony Adams Jr

I honestly think he could do a good job with a great running game, he is the one with the most experience as a QB in the team if I’m not mistaken, a slow developer but some talent and has paid his dues

There, I said it


He’s a gamer and he has a good sense of what he has to work with. I’m not sure he’s got the arm to be a starter but he’s ideal as a backup in a league with little practice time and few reps.

Speaking of running game. To have a “heavy” running game for four quarters, you need to dress two import running backs and a good Canadian Running back. You can’t get there with an import kicker taking a roster spot. Which shows the disconnect between what Sherman want’s to field and what the GM and his people are doing with personnel and the draft.

Adams has NO ARM and can’t read a defense. Nothing to see here…

Next man up.



Don’t you think he has learned? Anyway I think he still have potential


You can’t learn arm strength.

Arm strength Imo is overrated in the CFL, Calvillo didn’t have great arm strength


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Matthews is the most experienced … both in seasons (which means QB meetings, practices, etc.) and “game action” … in two seasons Pipken has more “game action” than Adams in three.

I expect that Pipken and Matthews will be the top two QBs with Adams and Schiltz fighting it out for #3 … unless Adams or Schiltz clearly distance themselves from the other it may even come down to which is the best short yardage “sneaker” … the other, and Richard, may “suffer” an injury (high ankle sprain?) and be around the team but out indefinitely … Merchant may be offered a practice roster spot.

Here`s a decent analysis of the Als current QB situation.

My hopes for Matt Shiltz also seem to be deflated.

Calvillo had a much stronger arm than Adams.