The latest situation that has arisen with Mike is enough to break the final straw on this camels back.
I have endured change after change after change, and although some change is good and necessary

I have had it. Maybe this is the year I change or just stop watching Canadian Football. It is beyond frustrating.
You all realize that the excuse we are going to hear this year is SALARY CAP !!!!!! "We can't compete like the big teams, because we are staying within the Salary Cap"
I can see it hear and taste already.
This tried and true hearted fan has had enough !!! Players are being dropped like flies, and face it people we are going to loose our home boys Mike and Hitch, not to mention anything we had to do with the McManus fiasco will be gone too, Maas will be traded mark my words.
Maybe for me this is the end of a true era. My Dad passing away this past Easter( He shared his passion with this team with me) Pig Skin Pete retiring. I think I will take this sign, and stay home. I have witnessed nothing but confusion, ineptness, and down right stupidity. When all the "new" fans wake up and smell the coffee IWS is going to be a very empty place again. And it will take more than smoke and mirrors to fill the place.
Unless the earth moves and the team proves me wrong, I am kicking and screaming all the way !!!! ENOUGH ALREADY

Our record has been horrendous recently. Even the over-ambitious 9-8-1 record was seen as anomaly and gave a false sense of 'going in the right direction'. Mark MY words, the status quo will see an even bigger drop in attendance and expose the smoke and mirrors you mention.

If you are comfortable with less than mediocre performances for the sake of staying 'vintage'...then by all means, keep every player we've had for the last 6 years and lets play ball.

I understand your frustration Cheergirl1985, but there was no “Good Old Days” around here the last 7 or 8 years.

I still wish Angelo Mosca was playing but everyone’s time must come. Changes have to be made and BIG changes.

For players like Mike & Hitch, there must be dignity and class when dealing with them…that’s all I ask

If you keep the same team you're just going to keep losing seasons a consistent feature in Hamilton. Be thankful that changes are being made and that they are trying to imrpove the product on the field.

I am not wanting to stay "Vintage", I understand the necessity for change, However, I really feel there is no balance when it comes to the football side of things and understanding business as I do and being involved with this team as I have and being a fan for twice as long, ENOUGH already.
All I am seeing is players being dropped, players not hearing anything , nobody from the football side is explaining anything and I am frustrated !!!
I think Mike and Hitch and a few others had some real time left in them, cripes they are not even going to training camp because they are being let go. Not to mention the rumour mills are cranked on high with Maas, Don't get me wrong I think he is a hellava guy but his heart is not with this team. It's funny how the lack of ability for most games last year with the exception of the two Edmonton games ( DUH ) Jason will be in Toronto this year.
We are going to have a team full of nobodys untried all for the sake of the mighty $$$$$$ you wait and see.

Well with the track record of this team that ain't gonna happen.


Relax....the salary cap is for everyone not just the Ticats.

Plus Morreale and Hitch arent getting young...and if you believe everything Ken Peters has to say I would suggest not to take it at face value. It is early and you never know what could happen.

Cheetwood is hurt…Cotton had like one sack…Vaughn is 35…Morreale and Hitch arent getting any younger and they all make too much money. I am sure we can find a younger player to take their position for about 1/3 of their contact. Sports is emotional but it is run like a business.

Marcel said he was going to make changes…the changes would surprise the fans and is doing exactly what he said he would.

I would be upset if we went in to this year with mainly the same team , Tear her down and start over.

Is it heartbreaking for me to see some of these guys go?? Absolutely. Do I appreciate all the hard work and blood, sweat and tears most of them have given to us over the years? Of course I do!! Am I surprised that HUGE changes are being made?? Nope.

I've made no secret of the fact that I hate to see any player cut, but I know it has to happen. I'd love to see us re-sign Mike and have Hitch back this year along with several others I've taken a shine to, but I realizes the that it's not likely to happen.

Will I rant and rave about cuts like Cheat and Cotton (and those to come)?? Oh yeah, but will it stop me from going to games and cheering for the players we DO take into next season? Not a chance.

PS. Expect it to get worse before it gets better.

The average career of an NFL player is 4 years (couldn't find anything on the net for CFL) but using this measuring stick, Hitch and Morreale have had more than long careers. Football is a very difficult and tough game and, as said above, the cap is requiring all teams to look at what they have and make decisions accordingly. As far as I'm concerned, it's time this team does the drastic changes we have seen and more to be able to compete with the Als and Argos, and Bombers for that matter in our division. What we have ain't cutting it.

I am not wanting to stay "Vintage", I understand the necessity for change
Name one change that has occured that you have supported. And also check your signature.
nobody from the football side is explaining anything and I am frustrated !!!
The fact of the matter is, the football ops side makes their decisions, and dont need to keep us apprised of what they are doing. The results will be in the on field product and we vote with our wallets. This is a new management team. I for one am willing to take a wait and see approach and give them the benefit of the doubt. Being a fan, or for that matter an ex cheerleader or a cake decorator, does not qualify anyone to say who fits on the team strategy. If Mike and Hitch arent back, I thank them for their contributions over the years. They were great players. But being hometown boys should not guarantee a spot. Another thing, FA season hasnt started yet, the draft hasnt occured yet, so who knows what we will end up with going into training camp?

Do you support anything the Cats have changed? Ever?

Change happens. Jerseys, players, owners, coaches, everything. Changing players from last season is a good thing, because clearly who was here last year wasn't getting the job done.

this is how the world is. Sports are a buisness
It sucks but its true. I dont agree with Cheatwood getting cut tho.....

You have lots of good points do you think that the Argos will salary dump veterans like the Ticats? How can they afford thier star studed lineup How come I don't hear other teams dumping players for money like our new GM? :roll: I am a little pissed off myself at the situation at hand and you are correct that the axe will fall soon on our hometown boys soon enough even if they can still play ball?

ARGOS WHAT CAP??? :thdn:

I think she supported the new prices for pop at the concessions, didn't she? :lol:

Ummm..the argos released a whole whack of players almost two months ago..including Clifford Ivory and I believe it was Eric England.

Yep it was and the Riders released Mitchell (he asked for it because they weren't going to re-sign him). Several other teams are probably not re-signing their FA vets (Thelwell to name one) and Kidd was asked to retire. Other teams are dumping their high-priced vets too.

We asked for changes and here they are...but of course we dont really like change so then we complain about all the changes.

I agree with whoknows. For those of you that are complaining about the changes, you are the exact same individuals that would be at Marcel's throat if he were to bring these players back and our record ended up the same or worse.

How about letting things unfold before you jump all over those making the decisions to make this team BETTER!